10 Best Seat Covers For F150

Best Seat Covers For F150

Getting yourself a seat cover for your F150 is no luxury; the added comfort and beauty could make all the difference. Come to think of it, would you sit comfortably in a car with spills and stains day in day out– no you wouldn’t! You can’t wave off the need for a seat cover or opt for a poor quality. You want something that allows for proper ventilation, durable, and assures you of cushion in cases of spills and accidents. On the fun side, some come with matching covers for the armrest, headrest, and the central bench so there’s the option of choosing colors that suit your style.

Perhaps you are considering reselling your truck then an investment in seat covers maybe just all you will need to take your price a little higher. Every buyer wants a good looking car.

Let’s delve in then! Below are the best qualities you can find out there that will guarantee the perfect fitment for your F-150 model.

1. Rough Country 91018

One of Amazon’s bestsellers! It is made essentially of neoprene, foam padding, and Protective Polyester Shell to offer better breathability. Neoprene has better resistance to water and UV radiation compared to other cheaper materials. It features a 4-layer construction that fits perfectly over your truck seats and center console and also makes room for easy access to airbags, seat adjustments and a lot more.

This product is promising better comfort, lasting durability, easy installation and more with this neoprene outer layer seat cover.

Available here

2. Gorla Premium Universal

If bad odor or smear gets on your nerves easily then you may want to place this product first place on your least. Users attest that it’s easy to use and clean, and also gives you the option of enjoying your OE seat design whenever you want to.

Its made of high upgrade neoprene and also has straps that keep it from moving while you drive. Bonuses are not for fashion stores alone; this product comes with one too; an added neoprene cover for your seat belts. For those who use the gym often or get sweaty easily, it’s a better choice over nylon or towel seat covers.

Available here

3. FH Group FB083BLACK115

Best Seat Covers For F150

FH Group is yet to make anything tougher! This removable neoprene seat cover is designed to make every time you spend in your truck more comfortable and to give you an extra assurance of safety. It is compatible with heavy-duty vehicles and has an extra waterproof layer to protect your seats. 

The Velcro opening and adjustable straps allow for easy installation and make it easy to fit into the rear seats regardless of the split ratio. However, if your truck already has a leather seat or has a fixed headrest, then this may not be the best choice of seat cover for you. 

Available here

4. BDK OS309 Charcoal Gray PolyPro

It’s stylish, easy to install, durable and gives maximum protection from stains all day long. With the high-quality poly outer layer, you can be certain of better ventilation and comfort while you drive. If you are classy and enjoy keeping it stylish, then this might be your best bet; it comes in a two-tone design with stitched accents that will attract a lot more admirers to you and your ride any day. The only drawback here will be for cars that have an immovable headrest.

Available here

5. Plasticolor 008584R01

Best Seat Covers For F150

Although it’s not designed specifically for any model, it’s, however, one of the officially licensed aftermarket for Ford and fits perfectly with most F-150. Plasticolor is the go-to brand when you want to upgrade the interior of your truck. it assures lasting protection and is quite resistant to wear. A lot of users are talking about this; you may want to check it out too.

Available here

6. Platinum Vinyl Black/Grey One Faux Leather

Best Seat Covers For F150

Those that are conversant with Leader Accessories can spot their product easily; it always screams quality and comfort! This seat cover is made of very soft perforated soft leather and its also padded with foam to a thickness of about 3mm. That of the front seat is made of stretchy fabric with an opening for quick storage. Also compatible with the back seat and side airbags. Consider this a worthwhile investment indeed!

Available here


Here’s the second goodness by FH Group! This non-slip silicone interior is designed with a top zipper opening and elastic trims to make room for adjustments and also allow for a snug fitment. It’s best for benches that are within 50-58 inches in length.

The goal here is a more beautiful, durable and comfortable interior to make every time in truck worth the while. 

Available here

8. LUCKYMAN CLUB 2 Front Bucket Seat Covers

If you have used any PVC leather accessory in the past, then you have a clue already how much this seat cover will deliver. It’s less prone to wear, has good water-resistant, has long-lasting durability and it’s quite easy to clean. 

LuckyMan designed this specifically for the front buckets featuring an opening in the pockets for mini storage. Interestingly, you don’t have to be a techie to be able to install it – it’s pretty easy to find your way around it in just 3 steps.

Available here

9. Fia SP82-38 BLACK 

Fia is out to help you create an interesting state-of-the-art interior with this design. If you factor their over 30 years of experience in textile engineering, then you can bet that their product will deliver its promise. The expectation here is quality and durability, and it the double-stitched seam, waterproof seat cover, UV protection, and wrap to fit design, one can’t expect less. It will cost you a little more, but it will protect your seats from premature damage. 

Available here

10. CarsCover Custom Fit

CarsCover is very good at adding a touch of royalty to their products. This is no exception – the Hawaiian prints and two-tone colors says it all! It is made of a neoprene outer layer and is well suited for the 2015-2018 F150 pickup models. In terms of quality, it has good water resistance, easy to clean (you can even hand wash and dry it), and install.

For those that lead a very active life, this will give you the feel-good effect each time you are on a cruise in it.

Available here

You want your seats looking like the very first day you bought them – yes you do want that! And there’s nothing that can best guarantee that than seat covers. You can go through this list again, this time, pay more attention to the specs that are the best suited not just for your truck model but also your style. 

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