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10 Best Soldering Fingers And Helping Hands

We have covered best Soldering Iron, Soldering Pastes, and wires but we missed the soldering fingers and helping hands to the list. To round off our soldering equipment, we have now compiled a list of 10 best soldering helping hands. These come in “handy” when you need to do extra fine work and the use of 2 hands requires a little more help.

Pro’sKit 900-015 Helping Hands Soldering Aid(13$)

These are two simple alligator clips which are mounted on a base to aid in soldering operations. Good built quality
You can get one here

Hobby Creek Helping Hands (45$)

This kit has four flexible arms. The base is made from aluminum ensuring stability, alligator clips are also covered with heat resistant material
You can get one here

QuadHands Four Armed Helping Hands for Soldering(48$)

Like no.9 these are also four flexible helping hands. But the base on this kit is much heavier and covers more surface are thus ensuring stability even with heavier circuits.
You can get one here

Elenco Soldering Station with LED Illuminated Magnifying Lens (49$)

This is actually a low-end soldering station rather than just soldering helping hands. The magnifying glass on this also is a plus, though the alligator clips are not flexible like the last one.
You can get one here

ML TOOLS 3.5x12x 3rd Helping Hand (17$)

Almost similar to no.7 but at a much more affordable cost.  This station also has built-in LED lights, therefore superior visibility.
You can get one here

Helping Hand with Magnifier(6.22$)

At just 6.22$ you can get one of the best soldering helping hands. It has a 2-1/2-Inch, 2X Magnifying Glass which is of far superior quality as compared to others.
You can get one here

SE MZ101 Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass(5.10$)

This tools has a 4X magnifying glass. It is made by one of the popular manufacturers “SE”, which means there will be consistency in quality and durability.
You can get one here

Docooler Helping Hand (8$)

A flexible neck  adjustable magnifying glass on this one gives it extra point. The alligator clips are also coated with heat resistant material along with LED’s for better visibility.
You can get one here

SE MZ1013FL Helping Hand Magnifier with Flexible Neck LED Flashlight(12$)

This helping hand is also made by SE one of the premium manufacturers. This model has a 8″ flexible neck flashlight with a super bright LED and a heavy duty cast iron base.
You can get one here

SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass(6.7$)

This SE model is an best seller. The 2 alligator clips are mounted on 4-way swivels which give the equipment flexibility in work.
You can get one here

Which Soldering Fingers And Helping Hands is more of your style?