10 Best Soldering Iron Tip Sets

10 Best Soldering Tips (9)

Most electrical engineers/ technicians would be familiar with the term soldering; it is basically a process of joining electrical components with the help of a molten conducting material. This time around we have decided to cover the best Tip sets for your soldering iron, as we all know that different applications require a different tip every time. So check out these 10 best soldering iron tip sets and let us know your choice in the comments section.

10. uxcell P36 Soldering Station Conical Bevel 60W Solder Iron Tip (2.89$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (6)

The five piece set is available at a fraction cost of others and contains tips that would work with a 5mm diameter heating element. The set contains both bevel and conical tips for daily use.

Available Here

9. Ace Tools 10 piece Soldering Tip set(25$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (8)

The set contains the follwoing type of soldering tips ETS.ETL,ETA,ETB,ETC,ETD,ETU,ETR,ETT,ETM,ETO,ETKN,ETAA,ETBB,ETCC & ETDD. The set is great is great for beginners and comparatively lasts much longer.

Available Here

8. 900M-T-LI 0.8mm Point Diameter Soldering Solder Iron (5.60$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (10)

Amico’s five piece set contains all conical type tips. The small set can be useful in a variety of applications and tips can attach to any iron having a diamter of 6mm.

Available Here

7. Aoyue/Hakko Conical Soldering Tip Set of 7 Pcs(21.99$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (1)

Tips fit one of popular soldering iron series Hakko 900M quite affably. These tips conduct heat quickly which means that it requires very little waiting time for the iron to be ready, overall a decent set for the price offered.

Available Here

6. Caldera Soldering Iron Tips, 10 Piece Assortment for Hakko 900M 933 907(8.95$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (9)

Outside diameter of all the tips in this set is 6.5mm, and all of them are pre-tinned for ease of use. This set includes five sizes of chisel head tips for general purpose soldering, three sizes of flat side tips for drag soldering, one needlepoint tip for precision soldering, and 1 knife edge tip for drag and precision soldering.

Available Here

5. 5 x Replaceable Iron Tool Solder Tips for Soldering Station 30W by Urbest(7.95$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (4)

Ideally designed for a 30W soldering station, these tips are all conical in shape. The tips are 60mm in length and have a shank diameter of 3.6mm each. The entire kit weighs just 25g.

Available Here

4. 10pcs Solder Soldering Iron Tip for Hakko Station by One World Sale(9.99$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (2)

Lead-free tips do not produce any toxic fumes and are safe to use around kids. 10 piece set contains an assorted arrangement of tips ranging from simple conical to flat headed and even knife edge tips.

Available Here

3. Elenco Electronics TIPK-1 Soldering Iron Tip Package(16.12$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (5)

Elenco is one of the leading suppliers of electronics equipment, so it comes as no surprise that they have their soldering tip sets as well. This kit includes three wedge tips and three conical tips which are ideal for soldering iron models SR-2B, SR-3B, and SR-6.

Available Here

2. Baitaihem 11pcs Solder Soldering Iron Tip for Hakko Station 900M 933 907 936(10.99$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (7)

The most versatile set includes 11 different sizes of tips all of which are lead-free. The manufacturer also offers a pack twelve and an additional solder tip cleaner.

Available Here

1. 1 X 10 Solder Soldering Iron Tip for Hakko Station 900M 933 by Toogoo(4.22$)

10 Best Soldering Tips (3)

The most popular soldering tool set on Amazon.com with over 150 reviews and a rating 4.5/5 stars. The set basically contains ten different tips. The tips do not have threads and are compression fit, producing a tight grip every time with the heating element.

Available Here


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