10 Best Sheet Sanders For Hobbyists And Professionals

10 Best Orbital Wood Sanders (1)

Sanding Wood is not a favourite pastime for most homeowners, but if you ask any enthusiastic DIY’er then they must have at some point sanded wood, therefore in this article, we decided to cover some of the best Sheet Sanders you can buy right now. Wood sanders are one of the well-known power tools, and we have listed them as per performance & cost effectiveness.

10. 2-Amp 1/4-Sheet Sander Green(41.97$)

10 Best Orbital Wood Sanders (9)

The machine is equipped with 2Amp ball bearing motor that can reach up to 14,000 OPM. The power tool has a solid grip zone that allows for easy usage.

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9. Bosch 1297D(42$)

10 Best Orbital Wood Sanders (3)

The motor fitted in this machine can reach 12,000 OPM. The machine has a 3-point counterbalance which reduces the number of vibrations and prevents the user from repetitive injury.

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8. HICO HPT (26.99$)

10 Best Orbital Wood Sanders (4)

One of the best value for money buys on our list. The HICO machine also has a 2Amp motor, and it also comes with one PC sand paper.

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7. Hitachi SV12SG (61.48$)

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Hitachi is one of the premium brands for power tools and this machine just enhances their reputation. The sander has a medium sized 200W motor and can accommodates 4-3/8″ x 4″ pad size. Dust collection also reduces the number of airborne particles.

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6. Milwaukee 6020-21 (47.99$)

10 Best Orbital Wood Sanders (1)

This sander has Padded cushioning and break system that reduces the swirl marks while producing a smooth finish. The product also has integrated vacuum ports for 1-1/4-inch or 2-1/4-inch I.D vacuum attachments.

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5. PORTER-CABLE 380 (37.99$)

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Porter cable product provides much longer switch life than the rest which is down to the fact that it is perfectly dust proof. The orbital sander can handle sheets up to 1/4″ thick.

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4. BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 (23.99$)

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The Black & Decker device can handle 1/4 sheets and has a tri-layer filtration layer. The machine can complete 1600 orbits per minute and has a soft grip paddle switch.

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3.  DEWALT D26441K (49$)

10 Best Orbital Wood Sanders (8)

You just can not complete a list of best hardware tools without adding one of DeWalt’s product. The machine has a textured anti-slip top that provides a firm grip and a counter balance which reduces a number of vibrations.

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2.  Festool 567696 RS 2 E Orbital Sander(410$)

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A high-class sander that also allows for variable speed controls and the manufacturer even has its “StickFix “abrasive system with hook and loop elements for fast and easy abrasive changes. A superior performance machine indeed but may cost you a lot.

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1. Makita BO4900V (186.99$)

10 Best Orbital Wood Sanders (10)

The best all round sander in the market today. The sander has a Variable speed control dial (4,000-10,000 OPM) that enables the user to select the rate as per the required application. A durable machine that has Ergonomically designed contoured grips and you can even attach a vacuum hose for easy dust collection.

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