10 Best Cases For HTC Desire 628

HTC Desire 628 Cases 5

HTC competes with the big tyrants of smartphone industry and does so quite efficiently. Among a number of amazing phones that it has released, there is one phone in particular; HTC Desire 628. What follows is a list of 10 best cases for HTC desire 628 that you can buy right now.

10. Vinve Soft Tpu Case Ultra SlimHTC Desire 628 Cases 10

This case costs $7.90 and has been created using non-toxic TPU material that is flexible and durable. The case protects the phone from drops, shocks and scratches. The case allows for access to buttons and ports and has been designed to be slim and imparts minimal bulk to the phone.

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9. Premium Workout Armband CaseHTC Desire 628 Cases 9

This one comes with a price tag of $9.95 and is perfect for use while you are working out or doing any outdoor activity. It features an adjustable Velcro restraint strap. The package includes a SumacLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband.

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8. HTC Desire EYE CaseHTC Desire 628 Cases 8

This amazing case will cost you $6.94 and allows for convenient access to all buttons and ports. The case is sturdy while being slim and fashionable simultaneously.

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7. Snap On Cover by Trek Nautical Anchor CaseHTC Desire 628 Cases 7

This will cost you $7.94 and has been designed specifically for the HTC Desire. It has a Snap-on design and fits your phone perfectly.

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6. SumacLife Waterproof Bag Dry Pouch CaseHTC Desire 628 Cases 6

You will have to pay $7.95 for this case. It comes with an adjustable neck strap and features a double seal closure to prevent liquid from entering the bag. You can use the phone’s screen while using the clear plastic window on the bag.

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5. HTC Desire 628 Case, MicroP(TM)HTC Desire 628 Cases 5

You’ll be investing $11.00 for this case that has been created using environmental and non-toxic crystal PC. The case is ultra-thin and features frosted texture with anti-slip properties.

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4. IWIO HTC Desire 628 GREEN PU LeatherHTC Desire 628 Cases 4

This one comes with a price tag of $15.44 and offers a leather case with magnetic closure. It has a slim fitting design and features a vertical belt clip as well. The case protects the phone from scratches, dirt and dust.

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3. iTALKonline HTC Desire 628 Carbon FibreHTC Desire 628 Cases 3

You will have to pay $18.91 for this case that features a belt clip. It has a magnetic closure to ensure that your phone sits inside the case safely. The material used for manufacturing this case is premium PU leather.

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2. Polyester Compact Lightweight Pouch CaseHTC Desire 628 Cases 2

This one comes with a price tag of $27.99 and has been created using rugged polyester material. It features a buckle closure, a carabiner to enable users to hook travel pouch to backpack and a belt loop as well. The case has two zipper compartments and features a padded soft interior fabric to impart protection to your phone.

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1. Case for Desire 628 , Leather Case Polka Dot Wallet Leather Carrying CaseHTC Desire 628 Cases 1

This one will cost you $8.99 and features precise cutouts for ports and buttons. The case has been designed in a way that it is slim and lightweight while offering easy installation and removal.

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