10 Best Screen Protectors For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been unveiled, and among the mind-boggling specs is a 6.4-inch, QHD+ resolution Infinity Display. Now, not only is this one of the best screens on any phone in the market, it is also one of the most fragile ones, and keeping it well protected is of utmost importance. Phone cases are mainly focused on protecting the back of your phone, and getting a screen protector as well is necessary in most cases. For this reason, we bring you the 10 best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Check them out below!

1. Cafetec Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

Starting off, we have the Cafetec Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector. This may look like just your average glass screen protector, but it has some interesting stuff going on under the hood. It boasts a transparency level of 99.9%, making sure that the Infinity Display looks as good as ever. It also boasts a surface hardness of 9H, offering high durability and scratch-resistance. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating surface serves as a safeguard against sweat and oil residue, meaning it has everything you could ask from a screen protector.

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2. Sliiq Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector


Up next is the Sliiq Galaxy Note 9 screen protector. Another excellent quality protector, it also offers a surface hardness of 9H and a transparency level of 99.9%. The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating is also present. The Sliiq protector uses bubble-free adhesives, meaning installation is as easy as putting it on the screen and it sticks in place automatically. For good measure, it comes in a black variant as well.

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3. Spigen NeoFlex Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector


Next on the list is the NeoFlex Galaxy Note 9 screen protector by trusted accessory brand Spigen. This protector is made of a flexible film to adapt to the curve of the Infinity Display and fits on nicely, meaning the quality of usage isn’t compromised by the additional glass. The NeoFlex protector also ensures clarity with no bubbles and no rainbow marks to interfere with your viewing experience.

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4. Suptmax Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

The Suptmax protector is made with premium tempered glass with rounded edges to accommodate the Galaxy Note 9’s curved display. It promises to cover maximum parts of the screen with full compatibility with most phone cases. The 9H hardness and oleophobic coating are also present, along with an invisible dot matrix which maximizes touch sensitivity and simulates fingertip contact on screen.

Available here

5. Samfaces Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

The Samfaces Galaxy Note 9 Protector can full cover the whole screen, including the bezels (or what’s left of them), providing ample protection for your phone. Once again, it has a 9H hardness rating and oleophobic coating to protect against moisture. The protector also boasts to be virtually invisible, ensuring the Infinity Display looks and feels as good as it would without a protector in place.

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6. Avidet Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

The Avidet Galaxy Note 9 protector is made with premium quality tempered glass which is extremely thin and has a 2.5D curved surface which protects against chipping. The protector also promises to prevent hazards such as water, dust, dirt, scratches, fingerprints, cracks, dents and smudge marks from damaging your screen and interfering with your usage experience. Bubble-free, easy installation shouldn’t be an issue with this one.

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7. Porsc Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

The Porsc Galaxy Note 9 protector is a premium quality screen protector made with the finest tempered glass in the land. While that may not be entirely true, what is true is that this protector is highly durable and scratch-resistant and can easily protect your screen against scratches, scuffs, and any other hard objects. Not only that, but it also throws in accessories for a successful installation including an alignment frame, wet/dry wipes and user guide for dust removal.

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8. ESR Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

The ESR Galaxy Note 9 screen protector covers your phone’s screen edge-to-edge and is designed specifically to protect the curved Infinity Display. It also has a hardness rating of 9H and guarantees to withstand forces up to 11lbs. Now, this doesn’t mean that your screen is suddenly invincible and damage-proof, but it should keep it protected from everyday knocks and bumps while preserving the quality of usage and viewing.

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9. LK Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

The penultimate entry in our list, the LK Galaxy Note 9 protector is made from high-quality 9H tempered glass which assures to protect your screen from scratches and even high-impact drops. It also features laser cut openings for the front facing camera and speaker, meaning it doesn’t hinder you from using your phone however you like while keeping it protected.

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10. Mozeeda Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

And finally, we have the Mozeeda Galaxy Note 9 screen protector with a thickness of only 0.3mm and providing reliability and resilience, while ensuring full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. This protector has a dot-matrix on the glass surface, which nicely does its job of simulating finger-tip contact on screen and maximizing usage quality. Bubble-free installation is also guaranteed.

Available here

So that rounds up our list of the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Remember, that Infinity Display is as fragile and expensive as it is beautiful, and keeping it protected is crucial. Stay tuned for more on the newest flagship by Samsung.

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