10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 is the latest and greatest flagship unveiled by smartphone giant Samsung, featuring the latest and greatest specs to go with the hefty price tag. These include a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, a gigantic 4,000 mAh battery, and up to 1 terabyte of storage. Now, all these fancy specs come with a certain degree of fragility, and no one wants to scratch their shiny new Note 9. For this reason, we bring you the 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Check them out below!


  1. LK Case for Galaxy Note 9 ($9.99)

First up, we have the LK Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which advertises itself as the ‘perfect design’ for this phone. Featuring a no-nonsense design which doesn’t add to the bulk of the phone, it also offers ample protection, being shock absorbent, shatterproof, and scratch resistant. It also takes anti-slipping measures, providing extra grip. If you’re looking to keep your phone well-protected without compromising on looks, then this is the Galaxy Note 9 case for you. Comes in two variants: clear and black.

Available here


  1. Samsonic Leather Design Case for Galaxy Note 9 ($12.99)

The Samsonic Leather Case features the familiar design that was quite popular among Note 8 users as well. It also promises maximum drop, shock and scratch protection. The leather finish ensures that the back doesn’t get smudged with fingerprints and doesn’t interfere with the wireless charging capabilities of the phone. Moreover, the design prevents the camera from coming into contact with surfaces and getting damaged.

Available here


  1. Spigen Tough Armor Case for Galaxy Note 9 ($15.99)

Up next is the Spigen Tough Armor Case. As you can guess from the name, it is designed for military-grade protection to keep your phone safe from everything but the apocalypse. It is Dual-layered with a rigid body and durable back, has extra screen and camera protection with raised edges and features a kick-stand for easy, hands-free viewing. The Air Cushion technology ensures that your phone isn’t bothered by drops and knocks.

Available here


  1. i-Blason Ares Series Case for Galaxy Note 9 ($19.99)

The back of the phone isn’t the only area which requires protection, and the good folks at i-Blason know that. For this reason, their Ares Series Case for the Galaxy Note 9 features screen as well as back protection. The screen protector is built directly into the front of the case, eliminating the need for a separate purchase, while the cushioned corners provide drop-protection.

Available here


  1. Caseflex Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($7.95)

Maybe you believe in your phone-holding abilities and heavy-duty protection isn’t a priority of yours. In that case, there is no need to spend extra cash when you can get a sleek, not-bulky case for much less. The Caseflex Galaxy Note 9 Case is one such case, featuring a thin design with a carbon-fibre textured finish. It’s unobtrusive, gives access to all your buttons and still provides a decent amount of protection, all for nearly half the price of some of the other cases on our list.

Available here

  1. ZingCon Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($7.99)

This is one the fancier cases in this list. Featuring a unique ‘quicksand’ design, it is sure to catch the eye of everyone who beholds it. While it may not suddenly ‘add colour to your life’, it’s still a fresh change from the usual, dark cases. The silicone corners protect your phone from taking fall damage and the non-slip grip makes sure it doesn’t fall at all. Not afraid to make a statement, even if it’s through a phone case? This is just the case for you.

Available here


  1. Ringke Wave Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($14.99)

The Ringke Wave Case is a protective case which has a wavy, two-colour design. The distinctive form-factor and slimline border comfortably grips the smartphone with an ergonomic hold for your hand. The raised bezels provide protection for the camera as well as the screen without interfering with the fingerprint scanner. This is another case with an unconventional design that is sure to turn-heads, even if your new Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t manage to do that itself. Also available in blue and metallic finishes.

Available here


  1. Abacus24-7 Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($9.99)

Now for some utility. The Abacus24-7 isn’t just a phone case, it also doubles up as a wallet with a flip cover and a stand. It allows you to comfortably carry two Credit Cards, an ID and even some cash together with your Phone. This case also provides proper protection for both the front and the back of your phone. This may not be the most beautiful case ever, but realistically speaking, anyone considering to get it in the first place values utility more than aesthetics.

Available here


  1. Spigen Thin Fit 360 Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($18.99)

Next is another elegant protective case by Spigen. It has a Slim 360° protective design which is pocket and grip-friendly. The custom-fit glass protector effectively protects your screen without bulking the phone. It also provides everyday scratch defence with its rigid exterior but still manages to look the part. Protection and good-looks, this case has it all. Available in two different colours.

Available here


  1. Samsung Note9 Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Last, but definitely not the least, we have the official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 protective case. It provides military-grade protection and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an official product. However, it also costs a lot more than all the other cases on this list. Whether you’re willing to spend that much on a case is completely up to you, but this is the case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Available here



So there we have it. That rounds up our list of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Stay tuned for more on the best products you can buy.

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