10 Best Screen Protectors For Lenovo K6 Note

10 Best Lenovo K6 Note Screen Protectors 1

Congratulations on purchasing Lenovo K6 Note. It is an amazing phone and now is the time for taking proper care of it. We are hoping that you’ve already invested in a screen protector for this phone. Meanwhile, check out the list of 10 best screen protectors for Lenovo K6 Note. Do let us know what you think of this list.

10. LEMORRY Premium Tempered Glass Crystal Clear Scratch Resistant Protection [$2.99]

The screen protector is compatible with Lenovo K6 Note and offers bubble free easy installation. The high-definition transparency film ensures that maximum resolution is provided to the user. The tempered glass is 0.3mm hard and ultra-slim. It protects the screen against dust, scratches, and dirt.

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9. 2nd Generation 9H Bendable Nano Tempered Glass Screen Protector [$6.90]

It has been created with the PET film and is a precise fit for the Lenovo K6 Note. You can protect your screen from scratches and drops.

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8. DWaybox 2 Pack Premium HD Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film [$12.99]

This screen protector has been specifically designed for Lenovo K6 Note and efficiently protects the screen from daily dust, scrapes, and scratches. It offers a hardness of 9 H with a thickness of 0.26mm. The installation is easy, and the glass provides high transparency.

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7. AVIDET Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector [$19.99]

What you’re looking at is a tempered glass designed for the Lenovo K6 Note that offers a hardness of 9H while providing a thickness of 0.3mm with a 99.9% transparency. The 2.5D curved edge prevents the glass from chipping. It is capable of protecting the screen without compromising on the screen’s quality, sensitivity or screen color. It protects the screen from water, dust, scratches, fingerprints, dirt, dents, cracks, smudge marks and other common hazards. It is easy to install and doesn’t create any bubbles if installed correctly. It leaves no marks when removed.

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6. TopAce Premium Quality Tempered Glass [$16.99]

This one has been precisely cut to fit the Lenovo K6 Note. It is robust and offers anti-scrape properties while providing a strength that is nine times to that of ordinary glass. The glass is super wear-resistant, anti-glare and prevents bubbles from forming. It preserves the high-response of the smartphone and offers high transparency while supporting a thickness of only 0.3mm. It has rounded edges that allow for a more durable screen protector.

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5. BeCool Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector [$6.99]

This screen protector boasts of a hardness of 9 H. It is stain resistant and soft to touch. The glass protector offers complete transparency with high contrast and excellent visibility. It makes use of a residue-free adhesive and thus, leaves no marks when it is removed.

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4. Mr Shield [Tempered Glass] with Lifetime Replacement Warranty [$21.00]

The package includes three pieces of tempered glass screen protector that have been specifically designed for Lenovo K6 Note. It protects the screen from scratches to high impact drops. The tempered glass has been laser cut and features polished and round edges with a 99.99% HD clarity.

Available here

3. Leathlux [0.26mm] Ultra Thin Tempered Glass [$3.99]

The protector is shatterproof, anti-burst and resistant to fingerprints. It offers a thickness of 0.26mm along with a hardness of 9H. The protector has been precisely laser cut for the phone. It offers maximum touch accuracy and doesn’t distort any of the screen colors.

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2. Lenovo K6 Note Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Anti-Scratch [$8.99]

This one also offers a hardness of 9 H while offering super high-definition clarity. It has rounded edges to provide a smooth experience to the users. The oleophobic coating ensures that no fingerprints or smudges are on it. The silicone bubble-free adhesive makes contact with phone’s screen without causing bubbles or any gaps thus, retaining the touch sensitivity as unaltered.

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1. Yiizy Lenovo K6 Note Screen Protector [$4.38]

This protector has been created with 100% bubble-free adhesive to ensure easy installation and no residue upon removal. The protector also features privacy film. The surface hardness is 9H, and the experience is satisfying thanks to the perfect touch screen accuracy.

Available here 

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