10 Best RJ11 Cable Testers

10 Best RJ11 testers  (7)

RJ11 is another one of those traditional register jacks that are widely used in computer and electrical engineering. We have made a list of 10 best RJ32 cable testers before but this time we will focus on RJ11 only. Have a read and tell us which RJ11 cable tester is your personal favourite.

10. Mudder RJ 11 Tester (8.99$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (8)

The manual tester can also be used on RJ45, CAT 5 &6 networks along with RJ11. The affordable device is quite portable and for the price, it also very durable as well.

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9. Docooler 4-in-1 Remote RJ11  Network Phone Cable Tester Meter (15.98$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (5)

The tester is powered by a 9v battery and has its low battery indicator. Simple one button test makes this device suitable for beginners and comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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8. Optimal Shop 4 In 1 Network Cable Tester (16.99$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (6)

The tester is almost similar to the last one only difference being that this model can test other register jacks as well RJ45, USB, and BNC. It also has a beeper that provides audible feedback of test results.

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7. VicTsing RJ45 RJ11 Telephone Wire Network (29.99$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (10)

Multifunctional handheld cable testing tool is ideal for any telecommunications engineer. The automatic tester has a string of LED’s that can detect the strength of the connection and can be used with both RJ11 &RJ45.

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6. Flexion Network Cable Tester (9.99$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (2)

A non-complicated approach to cable testing. Though it may look similar to our no.10, this tester is far more durable and can check both the twisted-pair straight & crossover cables.

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5. TonorTM Universal Cable Tester (9.99$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (4)

The universal cable tester works on a 9V battery and apart from being used with regular register jacks, the device can be used on CAT5 CAT 6 & UTP protocols as well. The remote tester eases any pain for the engineer.

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4. Optimal Shop Cable Tester Tracker (22.99$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (7)

A high-class tester designed specifically for professionals. The tester has a signal transfer distance of up to 3Km and has a working current of 10mA. The device also has a bright RED LED torch for ease of use.

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3. Monoprice 108128 Professional Coaxial RJ-45 and RJ-11/12 Multifunction Tester (93.74$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (3)

The digital sensor has an LCD to display the strength of the connection. In terms of performance, this device is certainly in the upper bracket as it can automatically identify whether the cable is shielded or unshielded while it canc test for Open, Short, Crossed, or Split conditions for each conductor.

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2. Noyafa NF-8601W Multi-functional Network cable tester (150$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (9)

With this tester, you can easily check the PING, POE and cross-talk functions of a network cable. The tester has a bright LCD panel that is easy to read and the device can test cables up to 4km.

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1. Triplett / Byte Brothers LVPRO2 Multifunctional Cable Tester (223.74$)

10 Best RJ11 testers (1)

The most expensive cable tester in the market today is undoubtedly well worth the money. The tester has 6 Device APPs for toning, speaker and ID along with wall jack ID. It can also work with all the LVPRO accessories making it our No.1 pick. 

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