10 Best Auto Motion Tracking Camera

10 Best Auto Tracking Camera (8)

Auto motion tracking camera are an excellent way to boost your home’s security since they are both cheap yet effective. These cameras track any motion within their reach and prompt the security system to respond, and since they only turn on when motion is detected, they also conserve power. So here are the 10 best auto motion tracking camera that you should buy right now.

Wireless IP Camera, Axio Shiel Auto Motion Tracking Camera (69.99$)


Plug and play IP camera can offer night vision and full wireless access. The product has a 90-degree tilt and comes with its smartphone app. To increase its versatility, the manufacturer even added night vision.

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GW Security 8 Channel HD 1080p Security System(849$)


The security system is the perfect one-stop solution for the security of your house. The set has 4 HDD cameras all of which feature Auto tracking capability while haveing a resolution of 1080p.

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Versonel Nightwatcher Auto Motion Tracking Camera (299$)


The security flood light that is accompanied by its own tracking system. The flood light comes with a 4GB memory card that can record upto 2000 events and is comparatively easy to install.

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Foscam FBCAM3502 Auto Motion Tracking Camera (69.99$)


Small adjustable wireless IP camera is marketed as a baby monitor but can be used around the house for security purposes as well. The camera is fitted with IR LED’s that enhance 30 % of the picture quality in night vision mode.

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iSmart Coolcam Wireless PTZ HD 720P Dome Camera(116.24$)


The dome camera has 1.3Megapixel resolution and can rotate full 360 degrees. Like all the premium models, the camera has an inbuilt Wifi module and 8GB memory support.

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Dahua 2MP 1080p Vandal IP PTZ Camera(879.99$)


Dahua’s expensive single piece camera has a resolution of 2MP and has a max 50/60FPS. Since the camera supports triple encoding, it is one of the most secure devices on the market and makes sure no undesired user is stealing any data.

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4Inch Outdoor PTZ IP Dome Camera(175.99$)

Auto Motion Tracking Camera 8

Small 4 Inch camera packs quite a punch for its size as it has 4x optical zoom and a built-in 32G TF card. The camera comes with a small Aluminum wall bracket and 6 LED light bulbs.

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SUNBA 1080P HD Auto Tracking(459.99$)


Sunba product is one of the finest when it comes to the all-round resolution providing with an actual HD 1080 video output. The product has an IP66  Waterproof w/Polymer Shell that makes it perfect for outdoor application.

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Amaryllo Robot Security iCamPRO FHD Home Security Camera(249$)

10 Best Auto Tracking Camera (3)

The 249$ camera has 255-bit encryption which is one of the finest in the industry. The manufacturer provides free cloud storage and is one of the few models that provide crystal clear two-way audio.

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Vimtag (Fujikam) 361 HD, IP/Network , Wireless, Video (99.9$)

10 Best Auto Tracking Camera (4)

The most popular auto tracking security camera in the market today that is well evident from the fact that it has more than 3700 customer reviews and a rating of 4/5 stars. The camera has 1080p resolution and 3x digital zoom. It also has full night vision with the help of 12 IR leds.

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    these aren’t auto tracking cameras. These are motion sensing cameras. There’s a HUGE difference between the two…

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