10 Best Refrigerators For Your Dorm

10 Best fridges for dorm (9)

Fridge is a must have for any dorm. You always want your beverages cold and with so many mini fridges in the market, we decided to make a top 10 list of our own. So check out these 10 best refrigerators for your hostel dorm and let us know your pick in the comments section.

10. Rubiks Cube Multi-Color 8L Compact Mini Fridge(299.95$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (5)

This fridge can store nine soda cans and features an innovative design as well. Powered by a 110V adapter, the product is ideal for dorm or your Man Cave but we fail to understand the reason behind the astronomical price tag.

Available Here

9. goFridge Mini Fridge Portable Electric Cooler(99$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (2)

A fridge much more in the affordable price range of students. It includes both 110v adapter and a 12V car adapter within the package. The fridge can hold 12 bottles or 24 cans with still some room available. It even has an LCD screen to display the temperature.

Available Here

8. IGLOO 4.6 cu. ft. Mini Refrigerator(132.55$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (8)

A compact refrigerator with 4.6 cubit feet capacity. The machine is comparatively quite and performs CFC free cooling. The refrigerator is cited for its light weight and adjustable legs that help you fit the compact refrigerator in small spaces.

Available Here

7. EdgeStar 3.1 Cu. Ft Fridge(239.99$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (1)

The product has a distinct metallic look thanks to its stainless steel doors. It can automatically defrost the refrigerator section and has 90-day labor & 1-year parts warranty. The model is more eco-friendly than its predecessor, the CRF320SS

Available Here

6. Best Choice Products SKY1591 Portable Mini Fridge(72.62$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (7)

A cooler with both a hot & cold switch. It has a Cooling capacity of 59ºF-68ºF & Warming capacity: of 122ºF-144ºF. The product has the capacity of 16 Oz. Perfect for students.

Available Here

5. Haier HNSE04BB 4.0 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer (193.25$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (6)

Haier produces premium quality of electronics, and their mini fridge is no exception. It has the dimensions of 18.9 x 33.4 x 20.9 inches and has a separate compartment known as ” dispense a can” that can hold up to 6 items. The thing weighs 55.6 pounds.

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4. Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge Cooler/Warmer(87.98$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (4)

4-liter fridge is all you want for your dorm needs. It has a high-quality solid-state thermoelectric cooling system and features a removable shelf along with a self-locking recessed door handle.

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3. FR100-115 1.7 Cubic Foot Fridge, Black(89.30$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (10)

Available in multi colors to suit your taste. It features a reversible door for left or right opening. Adjustable Thermostat and Compressor Cooling for ultimate performance even in hot weather.

Available Here

2. Danby DAR195BL 1.8 cu.ft. All Refrigerator – Black(191.00$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (9)

The refrigerator has 51 Litre capacity with cycle defrosts technology. Made in China, it has a Gen II CanStor beverage dispenser that holds five beverage cans. Having a weight of 44 pounds makes it super portable but beware of the price though.

Available Here

1. Koolatron KWC-4 (37.46$)

10 Best fridges for dorm (3)

Mini fridge has small capacity but will fufill your every need in a dorm. 4-litre mini fridge can hold 6 12 ounce cans. It can cool 32 degrees below ambient temperature & Measures 11 by eight by 11-inch. It is the most popular mini fridge online with an average review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. 

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