10 Best Keypads For Arduino

10 Best Keypads for Arduino  (10)

Keypads are one of the most fundamental devices when making a micro-controller based system. Simple 4×4 keypads are easy to use and allow students to apply fundamental concepts of data acquisition, hence they are very popular in the electronic engineering community. With so many available in the market today, we decided to make a list of the ten best keypads for Arduino available in the market today.

10. SunFounder 4×4 16 Keys Matrix Keypad(5.99$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (9)

5.2 x 7.35cm keypad can be used with any Arduino board. The board also offers two holes in the side for easy fixing while it is made on a standard double-sided printed circuit board.

Available Here

9. Great Deal MC Keyboard (3.64$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (4)

This affordable board is much like the no.10 but only smaller in size. The board has 16 push-button keys and can be used in a variety of applications.

Available Here

8. 4 x 4 Matrix Keypad Membrane by Automic Market(6.99$)

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The keypad is made from soft material and, therefore, is flexible and light. It is fitted with 8pin DuPont female head which makes it easier for you to install it anywhere in your circuitry.

Available Here

7. SunFounder 4×4 Universal 16 Key Switch Keypad Keyboard for Arduino(4.99$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (1)

Another sunfounder product for an Arduino board. The membrane is only 2.4mm thick and like the previous one, it has an 8pin female head. Unlike our no.8, the keys are soft and easy to press.

Available Here

6. Amico 4×4 16 Key Matrix Membrane (7.99$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (5)

At just 0.8mm thick, the keypad is perhaps the lightest on our list. The keypad only demands 30mA current at maximum and can work between 5 to 12V Vcc.

Available Here

5. UXCELL 16 Key Keypad membrane(5.47$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (7)

Keypad membranes are light weight, easy to use and because of their flexible structure they can be used almost anyhwere. UXCELL 16 key pad membrance comes in different colors and only draws 25mA of current at maximum.

Available Here

4. UXCELL 3×4 Matrix 12 Keyboard Keypad (4.67$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (10)

Made from hard plastic this keypad’s push buttons give better aesthetics. The rigid keypad has 12 keys and can be used in outdoor applications such as locks.

Available Here

3. Velleman 12KEY Keypad (8.07$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (8)

Just like no.4, this keypad also has a hard body but weighs only 0.3 ounces. What’s good about this device is that it has solid connectors, which means that it does not lose data or miss out keys when pressed. The push buttons themselves have good travel giving an authentic touchpad feel.

Available Here

2. Amico 12key Keypad Membrane(14.57$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (2)

A water resistant keypad that can be used for a variety of applications. Easy to press buttons and a sturdy eight pin female header ensures that the device is easy to use as a peripheral. The device has very low contact bounce ensuring a stable connection.

Available Here

1. Adafruit 3×4 Phone-style Matrix Keypad(13.10$)

10 Best Keypads for Arduino (3)

Adafruit is perhaps the best Arduino accessory supplier as they cover a wide range of devices. Not only that but most of their devices are of superb quality just like this hard body 12-key keypad. The durable keypad comes with a connector and is made using a dual sided printed circuit board with a laminated covering.

Available Here

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