10 Best Mood Lamps For Your Home

10 Best Mood Lamps  (8)

Mood lamps can be a beautiful addition to your room. As these nifty little lamps provide night light in a unique way and you can change colors reflecting your mood. Most popular with college kids these lamps are available for a few dollars and we have covered some of the best for you to choose from.

10. New! Fasciantions Electric Jellyfish Mood Lamp(89.99$)

10 Best Mood Lamps (10)

The expensive mood lamp has beautiful life-like jellyfish inside. The lamp has the dimensions of 14″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″ so it can easily be placed on a desktop and is illuminated with a total of 18 LED lights.

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9. Stella Bedroom Night Light(20.99$)

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A versatile night light that can be either powered by a USB or 3 AA batteries. The lamp also comes with a wireless remote that allows you to change colors or turn the light on or off. Certainly an affordable option.

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8. Elgato Avea Flare, Portable Mood Lamp(94.86$)

10 Best Mood Lamps (9)

The portable lamp can be controlled via your smartphone as you can transform any place with beautiful light moods. Graded as IP65 water resistant the product is both durable and efficient at the same time.

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7. GBGS® Rechargeable LED Lighting Ball(19.99$)

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The adorable little lighting ball can provide a total of 16 different colors with help up of 7 LED’s. The lamp’s minimum size is mere 6 inches that make it extra portable with its weight of 300g.

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6. Emoi Multicolor LED(29.99$)

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If you are decorating you baby’s/kid’s room then this is a must have. The patented design offers  2-brightness natural light modes and 6-color multicolor modes. Whereas the BPA free silicone contruction makes it enviromentally safe.

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5. Orbeez – Mood Lamp(18.99$)

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Orbeez mood lamp is certainly one of its kind. The flamboyant product isn suited for kids five years and older as it is accompanied by a 16-page full-color Activity Booklet. Just like many other devices, this product also requires only 3 AAA batteries to run.

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4. Onite Living 256 Colors LED Rechargeable Mood Light (19.99$)

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The Onite product has a touch pad control that provides a simple way to customize the lighting the way you want. Since it is mounted on a seperated ring bracket, it can be rotated 360 degrees. Essentially the product has two lighting modes, the single color & the auto color changer.

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3. ENHANCE Color Changing Children’s LED 7.9″ Mood Lamp (34.99$)

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Protected by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty this lamp has the dimensions of 8.4 x 7.9 x 7.9 Inches. You can swiftly cycle through 256 colors through the wireless remote while it has 4 lighting modes FLASH , STROBE , FADE , & SMOOTH.

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2. SOAIY Color Changing Mood Lamp(23.99$)

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A unique night light that can be used for a variety of occassions. The lamp can accurately project realistic aurora borealis and nebular light on the ceiling or a wall. The light also has a built in speaker through which you can listen to your smartphone connected via the USB port. Overall a nice product that provides relaxing & unique lighting.

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1. WBM Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp(20.36$)

10 Best Mood Lamps (8)

The most popular mood lamp on the internet right now, as it has over 7000 customer reviews and is also rated as Amazon.com’s no.1 best seller. The lamp is available in 7 sizes between 6 to 13 inches. The salt lamp is illuminated by a 25 Watt bulb. As per the manufacture, the light is made and handcrafted in Pakistan.

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