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10 Best Lenses For iPhone That Will Improve Your Photography

iPhone is one of the most popular iPhones today. Apple’s superior camera technology is one reason for the device’s success and given that many users want to take higher quality photos from their phone. So to utilize the full potential of the phone’s camera, lens kits were introduced in the market and here are some of the best lenses for iPhone that you should have.

10. XCSOURCE Mini Lens Kit for iPhone and Android Smartphones(23.99$)

This is an entire set with its selfie stick. The kit has multiple size lens helping you take that perfect picture.

Available Here

9. Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Kits(19.99$)

Three different lenses in a single set. The set features a fish-eyed lens that enables capturing of 180-degree photos. 0.36X lens and 20X lens that enables clear photos of very small objects.

Available Here

8. Luxsure® Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit Clip-On (9.90$)

Another clip on lens kit that has three lenses but unlike the previous one the wide fish eyed lens has is 0.63X instead of 0.33X. The kit works with nearly all the latest iPad and iPhones.

Available Here

7. OldShark® Lense set(10.99$)

Universal Soft Rubber detachable clamp design, work on most types of mobile phone whose camera lenses are not bigger than 13mm diameter. The manufacturer states that the wide angle lens in this kit should be used with the macro lens even though the macro lens can function separately.

Available Here

6. Neewer 3-in-1 Clip-on Lens Kit(11.99$)

This kit works all sorts of Android and iOS tablets as well as smartphones. The good thing about this kit is its wide angle lens does not make a black circle when taking photos unlike most lenses.

Available Here

5. TECHO® Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit(39.99$)

An bestseller can not have much wrong about it.  The Professional HD Lens in the kit reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections while aluminum construction increases durability.

Available Here

4. YOPO Camera Lens Kit(40$)

This kit contains four quality aluminum body lenses. Novel optical design,ultra-long vision, high resolution and good color Reproduction have improved significantly the quality of pictures and the 12x telephone lens.

Available Here

3. iPhone Camera Lens Kit by CamRah(27.99$)

As a bonus feature, the lens kit comes to a tripod stand enabling you to take that splendid shot. The lens clip is made of the highest quality polypropylene with a sturdy fire hardened steel spring.

Available Here

2. VicTsing® Lenses(9.99$)

Highly durable spring clamp lenses. But why these get more points than others is because the manufacturer adds 45-day warranty with them thus, they are one of the best value for money purchases.

Available here

1. NEEWER® Red Lenses for iPhone(6.99$)

Since the list is focused for iPhone these custom designed solely made for Apple’s smartphone get our top spot. Though we mentioned the firm earlier on our list, this time, the price is lower and lenses, add a sense of style with their red aluminum body. Overall with many positive reviews we decided to rank the product no.1 on our list.

Available Here