10 Best Hand Soaps For 2020

Note: When buying anything online, please exercise good judgment especially in case of buying anything for protection against coronavirus or COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.  

The Coronavirus has hit over 100 countries worldwide, and the biggest singular advice has been washing your hands with soap and water according to CDC. Washing your hands with soap helps breaks the spread of the virus and prevents you from getting the virus if you have touched any surface contaminated with the virus droplets.

In this article, we will bring you; ten effective hand washing soaps that will keep your hands clean.

TRYAH on the Go disposable Hand Paper Flake Soaps

Ten Best Hand Soaps for Coronavirus

Carrying a 500ml container of hand wash on your person can be a burden, but this is something better, and lightweight. The TRYAH disposable soap flakes are thin, light paper soap that melts completely in your hands forming a quick lather with little water. This dissolvable sheet allows you to thoroughly scrub your hands and in between your fingers under running water for effective cleaning. Due to its melting nature, you reduce the risk of contamination, and it is a great way to ensure proper cleaning on all occasions.

Available here

Bath and Body Foaming Hand Soap

Choose from 5 unique and well-known flavors to keep your hands clean from bacteria. This hand soap solution is available in five flavors, including marshmallow pumpkin latter, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, warm autumn glow, after apple picking, and crisp morning air. These are sweet flavors that remind you to wash your hands and kick the virus away from you and in your family. Each soap makes a good lather is enriched with vitamins E, Shea extract, and aloe Vera to moisturize your hand while washing the germs and dirt away.

Available here

Mrs. Meyer Honeysuckle Hand Bar Soap

This is an all-natural vegetable-based soap for people who appreciate and advocate for keeping the planet safe. Mrs. Meyer honeysuckle hand soap is free from all chemicals, including formaldehyde, artificial coloring or fragrance to give you garden fresh soap with an incredible lather that kills germs and dirt on your hands. Whether you are carrying it around or using it at home, you can be sure that clean, germ-free hands are just a stone throw away.

Available here

Mrs. Meyer Foaming Apple Flavored Hand Washing Soap

If your hands are always busy, you need Mrs. Meyer’s potent mixture to ensure those hands are well cleaned, ridding them of dirt and germs, especially bacteria. This 10 ounces container is a press to dispense creamy solution with brilliant foam to remove all pathogens from your hands. It has a pleasant fragrance, and it is excellent for the home or at your workplace.

Available here

Mollensiuer Portable Disposable Hand Paper Soap Flakes

With six tubes of disposable soap of different fragrances, this is the best handwashing soap for you and your family. Since washing of the hands is now a requirement for warding off the spread of the bacteria, Mollensiuer has come up with this fun confetti way to wash our hand. To wash, take out one tiny flake, add a drop of water and work it into a lather, Scrub your hands thoroughly to ensure everywhere is washed before rinsing under a running tap.

Available here

L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cleansing Liquid Soap

The scent of this soap fills the air the moment you start to scrub your hands, and it lathers well, killing off pathogen and removing dirt on the hands. This lavender soap also moisturizes your hands and help stop the spread of the virus. Stop the spread and keep your hand clean with the LÓccitane cleansing soap.

Available here

Seventh Generation Rosewater and Black Currant Hand Wash Soap

This 97 percent bio-based hand wash formulation is the perfect solution to curb the bacteria spread and also protects you from the virus. Free from all synthetic and artificial additive, it will safeguard your hands of common germs found in the environment and keep it from drying out. This clear solution has a subtle fragrance of rosewater and black currant to clean your hands without drying them out.

Available here

Natural Solution Himalayan Pink Salt with Blood Orange Hand Soap

This three-in-one package is the perfect hand washing solution for your family. Place them at strategic points and ensure everyone washes their hands before the basic things around the home or office. A very potent formulation with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action with natural ingredients and Vitamin E to kill germs, remove dirt and moisturize your hands while restoring the skin back to freshness.

Available here

WBM Lavender and Almond Care Hand Soap

With bacteria and virus everywhere, WBM is one of the best hand wash soap on the market. Specially formulated with Himalayan pink salt, its antibacterial qualities ensure that common germs and pathogens on your hands are completely off with proper scrubbing of the palms. It has a nice scent and lathers well. Get the needed protection against germs and protect your hands with WBM care liquid hand soap.

Available here

All-Natural Antibacterial, Antifungal Hand and Body Wash

Keep odor, germs, and dirt away from the hands and body with this all-natural potent formulation designed to kill germ on your hands and body. It also contains cooling oils and a blend of organic fragrances to help keep your hands clean. It is free from all chemicals, artificial additives, and cruelty to animals. The tea tree and mint soothes your hands, moisturizes it, and guards against common household germs

Available here

These are 10 of the best hand soaps on the market for bacteria and viruses, and if you must keep to the simple rule of washing your hands and keeping the virus away, you need a good soap. Doctors advise that the handwashing process must be for at least 20 seconds; if you are wondering how long that is, repeat a stanza of the popular birthday celebration song at heart as you scrub your palms, washing in-between your fingers, your nails then rinse under a running tap.

Let’s help keep viruses and bacteria out of our homes and immediate surroundings – wash your hands.

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