10 Best Antifreeze Coolants For Ford F150


Antifreeze coolants are also known as engine coolants that help to keep the radiator of vehicles from overheating and freezing during extremely hot and extremely cold weathers simultaneously, and this is why they are important in the maintenance of vehicles, most especially Ford F150 vehicles.

While these antifreeze coolants are the same in functionality, there are different types of antifreeze coolants that are designed to work for different types of vehicles, and this is why vehicle drivers should know the exact antifreeze coolant that will work well for their vehicles.

And for owners and drivers of the Ford F150 vehicles, listed below are some of the best antifreeze coolants that work perfectly for the Ford F150 vehicles.

Motorcraft Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F150 

While most antifreeze coolants for some vehicles work better when diluted with water, it is not the same for the orange-colored Motorcraft antifreeze coolant, as it already contains purified water and ready to be used as it is in the container. 

The already added purified water will help keep your vehicle’s engine as cool as low as -34 degrees F when it should be cool and boiling as high as 265 degrees F when it needs to heat.

Featuring ethylene glycol as its base and also containing a bittering agent, this antifreeze coolant is durable, is an anti-freeze, anti-corrosion, and an anti-antifreeze coolant that will keep your vehicle’s engine in shape all year long!!

Available here.

Valvoline Zerex Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

Designed to serve both diesel and gasoline engines, Valvoline Zerex antifreeze coolant is one of the best antifreeze coolants you can find in the market, as it contains a high level of quality deformer system which help to protect the plastics and other materials used for vehicle finishes from any harm.

Also, it features a reduced PH, deposit control additives, and low silicate level, attributes which help to protect the engine of your Ford F150 from cavitation, hard water deposits, and corrosion.

And what is more is that this antifreeze is multifunctional, as it doesn’t only serve Ford F150 vehicles aloe, it serves other vehicle brands such as the Mercedes Benz, BMW, Fiat, and Audi!!

Available here.

OEM Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

Another pre-diluted orange-colored antifreeze coolant for your Ford F150, OEM doesn’t only help to protect your vehicle against extremely low and high temperatures, it also helps to protect your vehicle’s engine against cavitation, corrosion, and rust!

This ethylene glycol-based but silicate, phosphate, and nitrate-free antifreeze coolant is what you need to keep things simple and easy with your Ford F150 vehicle’s engine during extreme harsh weather!!

Available here.

Mishimoto Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

First off, the packaging of this product is top-notch and amazing in a cool way that we just couldn’t resist adding it to this list!!

But not only is this antifreeze coolant a cure for sore eyes, its functionality is also impressive, as this antifreeze coolant is designed to protect the radiators, engines, water pumps, and thermostats of your Ford F150 from the clogging and wearing out that occurs from the presence of nasty chemicals such as silicates, borates, and amines in some antifreeze coolants.

The Mishimoto antifreeze coolant is devoid of these harmful substances and chemicals!!

Another reason we have this product on our list is that it also helps to curb erosion, seal leaks from pinholes, heat vehicle’s engine faster, and protect your Ford F150 all through the year!

The best part of this product is that its service year is 7 years and above, and you can find it in both full strength and 50/50 pre-mixed types!!!

Available here.

ACDelco Dex-Cool Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

A pre-diluted, orange-colored antifreeze coolant for ford F150 vehicles, this product has SAFETY written all over it as it is designed to reduce the breakdown, corrosion, or melting of any of the metal components associated with your vehicle’s engine such as steel, copper, cast iron, and brass.

Also, this ACDelco antifreeze coolant can service you and your vehicle for as long as 5 years!

The best part of this product is that it can serve not only Ford F150 vehicles, but can also work for motorcycles, scooters, and snowmobiles.

Available here.

Star Brite Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

This high-performing antifreeze coolant is not your regular coolant, as it distinguishes itself with its perfect combination of poly organic additives and non-toxic propylene glycol; two active substances that help to boost the horsepower of your Ford F150’s engine.

Also, the Star Brite antifreeze coolant helps to keep engines heated swiftly and keep these engines at optimal temperature levels.

This product has been pre-mixed with de-iodized water, a feature that helps to prevent a boil-over and freezing of your vehicle’s engine!

Available here.

Mopar Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

10 Best Antifreeze Coolants for Ford F150

This product has been 50/50 pre-diluted, but that is not what makes this product a top antifreeze coolant.

What makes the Mopar antifreeze coolant perfect for your Ford F150 vehicle is that it has been designed to prevent your engine from freezing or heating up beyond redemption.

And the best part is that it has a 5-year service year feature!!

Available here.

PEAK Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

10 Best Antifreeze Coolants for Ford F150

This product doesn’t only protect your Ford F150vehicle against freezing, boiling over, and corrosion, it also protects your engine for rust, and this is a feature that is unique to a few products such as this.

With this product, your vehicle is in safe hands, as it has been certified by a lot of automobile manufacturers and chemical experts.

Available here.

Engine Ice Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

With this de-iodized pre-mixed product, the water pump gaskets, seals, and cooling system of your Ford F150 vehicles are safe from corrosion as a result of the presence of propylene glycol base in the composition of this product.

Also, the Engine Ice antifreeze coolant is biodegradable and non-toxic, features that help to reduce the boil-over temperatures and operating race temperatures of your vehicle’s engine, irrespective of the types of roads and terrains that you ply!

The biggest plus for this product is that it has met and surpassed the standards of the following organizations;AS, CAAA, SARA, SAE, and FHSA.

Available here.

Delo Antifreeze Coolant for Ford F-150

This product contains moly dates and nitrites; substances which aid in perfect protection of the cylinder liner and other important parts of the Ford F150’s engine.

With this product safely deposited in your Ford F150, you don’t need to worry about regular maintenance and check-up of your vehicle.

What is more, is that this product has a service life of 8 years; a feat that only a few antifreeze coolants can boast of!

Finally, this Delo Antifreeze Coolant also contains denatonium benzoate and ethylene glycol; features that help to improve heat transfer, reduce over-freezing, and over-heating of your Ford F150!

Available here.

We have come to the end of our list of the 10 best antifreeze coolants that can work perfectly for your Ford F150, but before you think of settling for anyone of them, endeavor that you go through this list thoroughly before ordering any product off the list!


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