10 Best GPS Modules For Arduino

10 Best GSM Modules for Arduino (6)

Global System for Mobile communications, Aka GSM, is the basic way our cell phones function and can send/receive calls that’s why there are several GPS modules for Arduino created for your convenient . So it is not a surprise that most students and hobbyists have used this technology in their projects. One of the easiest ways to incorporate cellular network in your project is by using an Arduino board and a GSM shield that acts as a peripheral board with your device. To help some of you to select the GSM module for Arduino, we have covered some of the best GSM modules available.

10. GSM GPRS Shield for Arduino TinySine(38$)

GSM GPRS Shield for Arduino TinySine

A rudimentary Arduino shield that connects smoothly and swiftly with your Arduino board. The shield has 12 GPIOs and 2 PWM pins.

Available Here

9. Qunqi SIMCOM SIM900 V4.0 Wireless Extension Module(26.99$)

Qunqi SIMCOM SIM900 V4.0 Wireless Extension Module

A GSM shield that can run anywhere between 3.5 to 5V of power. Though the shield requires less software code to be interfaced with an Arduino board, it lacks connectors to attach it properly to the board.

Available Here

8. Asunflower® MINI SIM800L GPS Modules For Arduino (14.99$)

Asunflower® MINI SIM800L GPS Modules For Arduino

It works on multiple types of networks since it is Quad-Band which can use 850 / 900/ 1800 / 1900 MHz frequencies. Like all Arduino modules, it takes 5V power while operating its internal logic at 3.5V.

Available Here

7. SIM900 GSM/GPRS Shield for Arduino by Phantom YOYO(59.45$)

SIM900 GSM/GPRS Shield for Arduino by Phantom YOYO

This model is easily controlled via AT commands through your Arduino board’s serial monitor. The module also consumes far less power and draws just 1.5mA of current when in sleep mode.

Available Here

6. Quad-band GPRS/GSM Shield for Arduino(9.00$)

Quad-band GPRS/GSM Shield for Arduino

One of the most cost effective ways to connect to a GSM network. At just 9$, you get a perfect GSM shield. The device has a host of connectors but be warned, it is not power efficient.

Available Here

5. GPRS shield for Arduino by Seeedstudio(29.99$)

GPRS shield for Arduino by Seeedstudio

See studio has an array of devices for your electronics project and this is just one of them. A simple to use and easy to connect shield costs less than 30$ and with solid connectors, it attaches firmly to your Arduino board as well.

Available Here

4. Geeetech SIMCOM SIM900 GPS Modules For Arduino (32$)

Geeetech SIMCOM SIM900 GPS Modules For Arduino

Like many on our list, this little gadget is also based on SIM900 gadget from SIMCOM. Quad band module allows you to connect to any GSM network throughout the world.

Available Here

3. Dfrobot GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 GPS Modules For Arduino (150.99$)

Dfrobot GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 GPS Modules For Arduino

This is one of the most expensive GSM shields for an Arduino board but could be worth the cost. Regarding signal quality and device durability, this shield is the best, but the astronomical price tag might put some buyers off.

Available Here

2. SainSmart Small GSM GPRS SIM900 (29.99$)

SainSmart Small GSM GPRS SIM900

Sainsmart is one of the best sellers of electronic gadgets for hobbyists. They maintain a certain degree of quality over all their products and this shield is no different. The shield works for 2G networks and with embedded TCP/UDP stack it also allows you to upload data over a web-server.

Available Here

1. Arduino GSM Shield 2 A000105(94.54$)

Arduino GSM Shield 2 A000105

The official Arduino GSM shield from the company itself. Since it is available on the company website as well, it remains the most popular shield and allows seamless connectivity for beginners. Even though it is a little expensive, this GPS modules For Arduino is still the best for all things considered.

Available Here

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