10 Best Motor Drivers For Arduino

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (8)

Arduino is one of the most popular micro-controller boards available in the market today. The ease of use and open-source design means that it has a huge community that can help you debug your problems anytime. As far as tasks go, driving motors is one of the most fundamental and so there are many off the shelf solutions to help you do so. So check out this list of 10 best motor drivers for arduino and let us know your favourite arduino driver in the comments section.

10. Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino v2.3 Kit(19.94$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (7)

The shield can cater for 124 DC motors or 64 stepper motors as it has up to five select pins. The shield uses a TB6612 MOSFET driver who has comparatively low power consumption to L293D Darlington driver and has a 3A current capability.

Available Here

9. SainSmart L293D Motor Drive Shield(9.99$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (4)

A monolithic integrated high current four channel motor controller. It can drive 4 DC motors or 2 servo motors and can run motors up to 25V.

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8.  5V 2-Channel Relay Module Shield for Arduino(5.35$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (3)

This is not exactly a motor driver, but it can be made to do so. It can be used with other appliances that draw a large current as well making it very versatile.

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7. nice shop(TM) L293D Motor Drive Shield Expansion Board(4.59$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (6)

This motor follows one of the easiest to use and popular motor driver designs using an L293D. The driver can be used with up to 4 DC motors.

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6. DROK® L298N Motor Drive Controller Board(6.99$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (10)

Dual Channel H-bridge driving mode creates efficiency while a capacitor acts as a filter from high-frequency noise. The design incorporates afterflow diodes, therefore, making your circuitry safer.

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5. Arduino Stepper Motor Shield(24.66$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (1)

The dealer has added improvements to the original Adafruit design such better connectors and extra capacitors for noise filtration. Overall a decent buy for any beginner.

Available Here

4. Seeedstudio Motor Shield V2.0 for Arduino(15.45$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (2)

Seedstudio sells many electronic components for hobbyists, and this is one from their catalog. It has an overcurrent turn-off and LED rotation indicator whereas it can sustain between 5V-15V of power supply.

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3. SainSmart L298N Dual H Bridge  Motor Driver (9.99$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (5)

It can drive both stepper and DC motors and can sustain a peak current of 5A. The device has a maximum power consumption of 20W at 75 degrees celsius.

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2. Arduino Motor Shield R3(49.95$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (9)

The official Arduino motor driver. The system uses a L298P IC and has a 2A current limit per channel which makes the total capacity of 4A. Operating voltage for the shield is between 5 to 12 V.

Available Here

1. Sabertooth Motor Driver 12A(89$)

10 Best Arduino Motor Drivers (8)

A high power motor driver that can sustain up to 12A. This driver can be used in industrial applications as well as some of the models can sustain up to 30A of current. It is a synchronous regenerative drive with ultrasonic switching capability.

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