10 Best Gift Wrap Tapes To Make Your Wrapping Prettier


Holiday season is coming and it is best that you have in stock your gift wrapping material. One of most fundamental tools that you will need is the humble tape! Here are 10 wrapping tapes that we suggest you buy based upon positive customer reviews.

10.Washi Tape (Japanese Masking Tape) by MIKOKA (17.95$)


This thin tape is ideal for wrapping gifts as it adds a certain degree of aesthetics with its vibrant patterns. The tape is writeable.

Available here.

9. Primary Solid Colors Washi Tape Set (9$)


Another transparent Washi set but this set is of solid color rather than patterns; the tapes behave almost similarly to no.10

Make sure to place your orders before Christmas. You can get one from here.

8. Paragon Crafts Premium, Multipattern 5 Rolls Decorative Tape Pack (13.33$)


This tape is ideal for making designs for your presents. The five rolls are stacked in a plastic cylinder for easy storage and dispensing.

You are better of having one before the holiday season. You can buy from here.



Are you in for some intense gift wrapping or if you own a small gift store then this deal is ideal for you. For 56$ you can buy 18 packs of these tapes with a dispenser.

It will be wise to buy this deal early. Get one from here.

6. Duck Brand Permanent Double Stick Tape (6.49$)


This tape is ideal for gift wrapping. The double stick tape is acid-free and even works well for scrapbooking & photo albums.

Buy this now!.

5.  3M Transparent Tape with Dispenser (3.9$)


If you have packed your gift with a theme and did not want the tape to ruin the design, then invisible tapes are the best solution. 3M is a well-reputed brand, so, therefore, you can be well assured the quality.

Order one here!

4. Henkel 00-20843 Duck 3/4-Inch-by-500-Inch Invisible Tape (3.90$)


Acid-free matte finishes Invisible product by a firm that specializes in making tapes. You can not go wrong with this product.

Buy before the offer expires. Available Here.

3. Staples Invisible Tape 6 Pack (11$)


Staples is a brand that specifically deals in office and home supplies. A 6-pack at 11$ is exquisite value for money.

So order your consignment here!

2. Sparco Invisible Tape, 3/4 x 1000 Inches (14$)


This tape has multiple positive reviews. Most of them have cited the good adhesive ability of tape as compared to other brands.

You can get these from here.

1. Scotch(R) Gift Wrap Tape (5.03$)


Most popular gift wrap tape on amazon.com. This may be down to the fact at 3M’s Scotch brand has many customers and is maintaining a consistent quality.

You must Have One. Available Here.





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