10 Best Duct Tapes That Professionals Use To Hold Together Anything – 2019

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10 Best Duck Tapes (5)

Duct tapes are an Engineer’s best friend. One of the most versatile piece of equipment you should have in your toolkit. Since duct tapes solve many problems, we decided to make a top 10 list

10. Dark Blue craft duct tape 2″ x 10 yds on 1.5″ core (5.61$)

10 Best Duck Tapes (2)

This blue duct tape is readily available and provides an excellent adhesive grip. But it lacks behind from some of the premium brands listed below.

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9. Scotch Duct Tape, 3M (3.48$)

10 Best Duck Tapes (3)

This tape can bee used for a variety of tasks. The tape is used by artists and designers alike, as it unwinds quickly & is available in many colors and designs.

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8. Duct Tape Mini 6 pack (11$)

10 Best Duck Tapes (9)

Much like our no.9, this duct tape comes in many designs and patterns. But it is the overall value for money that has impressed us, as the six pack is offered at a very affordable price.

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7. ProTapes Pro Duct 100 PE-Coated Cloth Economy Duct Tape, 60 yds Length x 2″ Width, Silver (6.31$)

10 Best Duck Tapes (7)

This silver duct tape represents the classic version. The tape maintains its adhesive capabilities even at 200 F, therefore, making the tape adequately durable for high temperature applications.

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6. Intertape Polymer Group FF30 1.88-Inch by 10-Yard Fire Fly Glow in the Dark Duct Tape (9.67$)

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This glow in the duct tape can come in handy during Halloween decorations next year. Having said that this tape can be used by industrialists or safety personnel to mark equipment they deem to be under insufficient lighting conditions.

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5. 3M Utility Duct Tape 2929 Silver (8.24$)

10 Best Duck Tapes (5)

3M is a favorite brand in consumer hardware, and this is because they sustain a consistent quality over all their products. This duct tape has been marked by Amazon.com as their best seller.

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4. Platypus SALIN21067 Sour Apple Linen Designer Duct Tape (7.30$)

10 Best Duck Tapes (1)

Designer duct tapes give good adhesive capabilities along with their vibrant colors. This tape is quite popular and from our personal use we can say that it will be a good buy.

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3. Black Gorilla Tape 1.88 In. X 35 Yd., One Roll (7.7$)

10 Best Duck Tapes (8)

This is a high-quality duct tape with numerous positive reviews. Rugged, Weather-Resistant Shell can withstand moisture, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. It is better than most tapes.

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2. Duck Brand 1265013 Color Duct Tape (3.48$)

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Duck Brand is the most popular brand for duct tapes in the market today. The tape can stick to a wide variety of surfaces like cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic, metal & laminates.

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1. REAL Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape By Gafferpower® (17$)

10 Best Duck Tapes (10)

This tape is industrial grade. The product has nearly 1000 reviews on amazon.com, and the manufacturer promises high adhesiveness over all surfaces.

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