10 Best Folding Ladders For Home And Professionals 2019

10 Best Folding Ladders (2)

Folding ladders are a must have around the household to accomplish little tasks in hard to reach areas. Based on durability, overall build quality and cost effectiveness, we have listed some of the best folding ladders that you can buy right now.

185 ft Aluminum Multi-Position Folding Ladder (109.95$)

185 ft Aluminum Multi-Position Folding Ladder

The ladder has 18 different configurations and is entirely made from aluminum. The ladder a the weight capacity of 335lb.

Available Here

Telesteps 700FLD OSHA (164.36$)

Telesteps 700FLD OSHA

Seven foot double sided ladder is rated 250lb and it self-weighs 23lb. The product is ANSI 14.2 tested which means it is in compliance with all the safety standards.

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15.5′ Platform Multi-Purpose Folding Aluminum Ladder (125.92$)

15.5' Platform Multi-Purpose Folding Aluminum Ladder

The large ladder is fit for use around the warehouse as well. The ladder can adjust for size as well because you get two options either to use the conventional 7.5 foot or extend it to 15.5.

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GP Logistics SLDS6 Ladder (100.77$)

GP Logistics SLDS6 Ladder

6-foot single sided ladder is ideal for home and domestic use. The weighs less than 20 pounds and is very easy to carry thanks to a durable all aluminum chassis.

Available Here

Vulcan Ladder USA ES-17T11G1 (159$)

Vulcan Ladder USA ES-17T11G1

Classic ladder design is accompanied by a one year warranty. You can adjust the ladder in 1 feet increments, and it can rise as high as 17 feet thanks to its patented No Pinch Hinge for ease of use and safety.

Available Here

Best Choice Products SKY528 (78.88$)

Best Choice Products SKY528

This ladder has a maximum extension length of 13.3 feet but thanks to rubber paddings on the steps, it gets extra points regarding safety as they help you grip firmly. The ladder is made from strong aircraft grade aluminum.

Available Here

Little Giant 14016-001 (236.99$)

Little Giant 14016-001

The 22-foot model is the longest on our list. The long adjustable height adds a lot of versatility in use for the user. The ladder has up to 33 configurations and with it, you can reach ceilings and cabinets with relative ease.

Available Here

Light Weight Multi-Purpose 12′ Aluminum Folding Ladders (70.45$)

Light Weight Multi-Purpose 12' Aluminum Folding Ladders

Just like the premium models, this ladder can fold in many configurations as the picture suggests. The ladder has the weight capacity of 300 pounds. The Aluminum is also anodized for anti-corrosive protection.

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Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding Ladders (39.99$)

Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding Ladders

The small ladder is useful in many different applications and Thanks to rubber padding, it gives you excellent grip. The product has one-year warranty and a total of 200-pound capacity.

Available Here

Werner MT-26 Folding Ladders (233.79$)

Werner MT-26 Folding Ladders

The most popular foldable ladder in the market today with nearly 1600 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.com. The model has the maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and staggeringly can extend to 26 feet. The product has 37 different orientations making it a complete product and clearly our number one!

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  1. Lorry Evens Reply

    Multi-position ladders are great for most household needs, functioning as a step ladder, full extension ladder, and multiple configurations in between. The product line is every bit as good and just as versatiles

  2. Lorry Evens Reply

    The highest, safe standing level is four rungs from the top of the ladder.

  3. tom Reply

    Modern ladders typically come in aluminum and fiberglass and usually have rungs that are serrated for slip resistance. In addition to the advantage of being light, fiberglass ladders have non-conductive side rails for added safety when working around electricity. It is a very good ladder.

  4. tom Reply

    Ladders are a part of our lives and some things can never be done without them.
    The need for a ladder in every human life is immense.

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