10 Best Paint Spray Guns For Hobbyists And Professionals 2019

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10 Best Spray Guns (7)

Spray Guns are regularly used by professionals in auto-shops or the manufacturing industry where an even coat of paint is necessary to achieve a perfect finish. In this article, we discuss some of the best paint spray guns based on performance, durability and cost so that you do not have to guess which  paint spray gun to buy next time you go to market.

10. Ingersoll Rand 210G Edge Series Gravity Feed Spray Gun(69.97$)

10 Best Spray Guns (8)

Attached to a Nondrip cup, this model is great for learning purposes and even beginners. You can see the spray pattern by rotating a knob while it also has an air adjustment valve. It has a required CFM of 10.5 while a working pressure of 50 PSI.

Available Here

9. Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup, Red Handle, 1.8mm Nozzle(33.4$)

10 Best Spray Guns (1)

This Astro model is available in multiple colors and has an average air consumption of 7-10CFM with operating pressures that can reach almost 60psi. The product has a net weight of 3 pounds.

Available Here

8. Airless Paint Spray Gun by Smart pointer(39.99$)

10 Best Spray Guns (9)

The gun has a maximum pressure of 3600PSI and has a 100 mesh gun filter fitted inside. You can use different size tips as well, making the product quite versatile.

Available Here

7. Central Pneumatic 47016(22.79$)

10 Best Spray Guns (3)

Gravity feed spray gun has air consumption of 6CFM while the working pressure is almost 70Psi. It has a 1.5mm nozzle and a cup capacity of 20 ounces.

Available Here

6. SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun(19.95$)

10 Best Spray Guns (2)

The spray gun has a fan pattern between 5.5” to 7.5” whereas the working pressure also varies between 45 to 58 PSI. The small spray gun is an affordable option and can be an ideal tool for home use.

Available Here

5. Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670(201.18$)

10 Best Spray Guns (6)

A premium quality kit that contains multiple tips, a spray gun, and a large 30 ounce cup capacity. The spray gun requires 13CFM at 28PSI.

Available Here

4. TCP Global® Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set (79.96$)

10 Best Spray Guns (5)

One of the best value for money buys on our list today as you get different spray guns at just under 80$. The spray guns all have an operating pressure between 29-50PSI while they differ in cup capacity & nozzle size. All of the products in the set come with one year warranty.

Available Here

3. Neiko® 31215A Air Spray Gun(37.94$)

10 Best Spray Guns (4)

High volume spray gun comes with a 600cc aluminum cup and is ideal for auto-works. The gun has a fast operating pressure of 40PSI and has an air consumption capacity of 4.5CFM. The gun can also be easily taken apart for maintenance purposes.

Available Here

2. DeVilbiss 802342(135.97$)

10 Best Spray Guns (10)

One of the best all round spray gun kits. The kit includes two guns one full size and the other touch up gun, the former has 13CFM while the latter has 8CFM. The kit also includes a gauge from which you see and subsequently adjust the pressure.

Available Here

1. Wagner 0518080(116.74$)

10 Best Spray Guns (7)

The most popular spray gun on Amazon.com with more than 750 reviews and an average rating of 4/5stars. The spray gun has a 20 feet long hose that extends your reach and has the option of 3 spray patterns. You can also adjust the air pressure. The spray gun comes with its compressor and is ideal to be used on furniture and wooden floors.

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