10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5” was recently unveiled in a video announcement, and with it came a nice and big display, some mouth-watering specs and the promise of desktop-like productivity and performance on Android. Whether it lives up to that promise is debatable, but keeping this huge device in the wraps is still important. The Galaxy Tab S4 is only 7.1mm thick, and this means that dropping it could easily lead to cracks, or worse. For this reason, we bring you the 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”. Check them out below!

Poetic Turtleskin Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

First up, we have the unconventional-looking Turtleskin series case for the Galaxy Tab 10.5” by Poetic. While its aesthetic is not for everyone, it does get the job done in the protection and practicality departments. It is made with ultra-thick silicone with protective coating for splash proof protection, and also happens to be ‘childproof’, meaning your children (if any) can use the tablet without any toxic hazards. The case also comes with a separate stand and heating vents at the bottom, further enhancing its value.

Available here.

TopACE Leather Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

Next in the list is this leather smart-case by TopACE for the Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”. It comes in a variety of colours and is made with made from soft durable PU leather, keeping your tablet protected from scratches and everyday bumps. It has the standard auto-unlocking feature you’d expect from a smart-case and its back can be folded to function as a stand. It may not be the fanciest case around, but it provides decent enough protection and doesn’t cost much, so it is definitely a nice option to consider.

Available here.

Luibor Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

The Luibor Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5” has a classic and professional design with a PU leather exterior and soft microfiber interior. This case is quite light, and the additional weight is hardly noticeable. It also features a foldable stand at the back and the precise cut-outs mean that it doesn’t prohibit access to any of your buttons. Once again, not very fancy, but quite useful nevertheless.

Available here.

Luibor Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

Another very handy product from Luibor, this case offers the additional functionality of a keyboard. The Galaxy Tab S4 10.5” promises desktop-class performance, but this performance can fully be exploited only with a keyboard and getting a keyboard will be a priority for many tablet-owners. The keyboard itself is wireless and promises better performance than standard silicone keyboards. It also provides ample protection for your tablet, albeit at higher cost than standard cases.

Available here

IVSO Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

Up next, we have this leather case by IVSO. This is another case which has a leather exterior and comes in a variety of colours. Long story short, it doesn’t cost much, doesn’t weigh anything at all and gets the job done in protecting your tablet while providing a decent amount of utility with the foldable stand and auto-unlocking feature. For those looking for a no-nonsense case to keep their device safe.

Available here

USTY Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

This one is for the die-hard Galaxy fans. The appeal is simple, there’s a Galaxy inside the case, why shouldn’t there be one outside as well? Now, this case isn’t just about the design, it’s made of high quality synthetic leather to preserve comfortable sense of touch and enhance durability. The kickstand is also present, so is the weightlessness. Aimed at a very specific sector of the market.

Available here

Angella-M Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

Another case which puts design as a priority, the Angella-M leather case comes in a wide variety of colours and designs, including plain ones as well as fancy ones. They’re made with premium PU leather and the stand functionality is as good as ever. The slim design keeps your tablet protected while the artworks show off your and your tablet’s personality.

Available here

IVSO Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

Similar to the keyboard case by Luibor, the IVSO case features a detachable wireless keyboard to enhance the desktop-like functionality of the Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”. Along with that are a stand and a carrying case for the complete package. In addition to that, the high quality PU leather cover and soft, microfiber-lined interior provide full protection for your tablet, meaning the IVSO keyboard case offers great value for money.

Available here   

Feitenn Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

A fresh change from all the leather cases that everyone seems to own, the Feitten case has a canvas exterior rich in colour which looks really good on your tablet. It also comes in 4 different colours, meaning you can make you pick and make your mark. The durable and eco-friendly material also promises good protection for your device and protects your tablet against scratches, bumps, shocks, dirt and daily wear and tear.

Available here

10.Homelove WWW Case for Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

Lastly, we have the Homelove WWW case. Now, many people might confuse this as a diary, but that’s where the appeal lies. It shows that you don’t adhere to normal standards for phone and tablet cases. It shows that you have taste, and you’re not going to give up that taste for the sake of being modern. Now, that may be pushing it a bit, but this is one case that is sure to catch people’s eye while providing all the functions you could ask from a tablet case.

Available here


So that were our picks for the 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”. Hopefully, it helped you in making a pick. Stay tuned for more.

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