10 Best Cases For OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 is the latest version of the wildly popular OnePlus series. With it come flagship-standard specs, a fantastic dual-camera system and a beautiful design to boot. It comes in two colours, black and red, and is easily one of the best smartphones of the year. If you’re looking for one of the fastest, most powerful smartphones released in 2018, you need not look any further than the OnePlus 6. Getting a case to keep this phone protected and to complement the design is a priority for many people, and that is why we bring you the 10 best cases for OnePlus 6. Check them out below!

10. Dretal Heavy Duty Armour Case for OnePlus 6


To start off this list, we have this Heavy Duty Armour case by Dretal for the OnePlus 6. Made with polycarbonate material, it is designed to protect your phone in all directions, avoiding drop shocks and scratches. Despite all that protection, it also ensures easy installation and removal due to its unique design. Access to all your buttons, camera, headphone jack and everything else is completely unhindered, meaning your user experience is as good as ever.

Available here

9. Feitenn Armour Case for OnePlus 6

Up next is another protective case, this time the armour case from Feitenn. This case has an interesting design which adds a bit of bulk to your phone but still manages to look the part. The metal and glass case provides strong and full protection for your phone and is also waterproof. Designed for those who have to constantly use their phone in outdoor environments where it’s prone to damage by various hazards and require military-grade protection.

Available here.

8. X-level Case for OnePlus 6


And now something for those who want to focus more on aesthetics rather than protection. This ultra-thin and light case makes the already-beautiful OnePlus 6 even more beautiful. Granted, it doesn’t have the military-grade protection of the previous cases, but it still has excellent anti-scratch capabilities. Not only that, but the smooth finish means that it feels really good in your hand as well. Definitely something to consider if you’re not looking for something overly-fancy.

Available here

7. TopAce Wallet Case for OnePlus 6


Not looking for ultimate protection or exquisite design, and just want a case with a lot of utility? TopAce has you covered, no pun intended, with this leather wallet case. Made from high-quality artificial leather, it also serves as a protection against scratches and everyday bumps. Being a wallet-case, it has compartments for business cards and cash as well. Comes in 5 different colours.

Available here.

6. Ringke Case for OnePlus 6


Now for something that has utility as well as style. The most immediately-noticeable thing about this case is the addition of a wrist-wrap. This case promises crystal-clear protection with its advanced 2X tough coating, all the while enhancing the phone’s original look with minimal bulk. The inner corner cushions provide certified military-grade protection while the immaculate design makes sure that all your buttons and ports are accessible. Available in clear and black variants.

Available here

5. Poetic Guardian Case for OnePlus 6


Staying true to its name, the Poetic Guardian acts as a guardian for your OnePlus 6. It provides 360-degree protection with its front polycarbonate case, clear polycarbonate back, and TPU lining and bumpers. It also throws in a tempered-glass screen protector for good measure, eliminating the need for an extra purchase. The good folks at Poetic recognize how precious your phone is to you, and this case is capable enough to keep it safe and sound. Available in 4 variants.

Available here

4. Wellci Case for OnePlus 6


Up next is the Wellci case for the OnePlus 6. Unlike many other cases, it doesn’t try to blow your mind with impressive certifications and other fancy stuff. It’s a simple and straightforward phone-case that can protect your phone without interfering with its looks and user experience. It protects from everyday scratches and bumps, keeps the camera raised to keep it safe and has tactile buttons that are easy-to-use. Available in 2 colours.

Available here

3. Tudia Case for OnePlus 6


The Tudia case for the OnePlus 6 has a unique matte look that effectively serves to complement the phone’s design. It’s also very durable and provides a soft, comfortable grip. Made with a thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, it provides ample protection without adding any bulk and costing much. The raised edges keep it safe from scratches and the buttons and ports remain fully-accessible. Comes in 4 variants.

Available here.

2. Supcase Full-body Case for OnePlus 6


In second place, we have this full-body case manufactured by Supcase for the OnePlus 6. Capable of providing the ultimate protection for your phone, it has been tested rigorously, included a 20-foot drop test. It comes with a built-in screen protector and a rotatable holster to add further utility. Long story short, managing to break your phone while it’s enclosed in this case is quite a feat.

Available here.

1. Spigen Rugged Armour Case for OnePlus 6

And finally, we have the Spigen Rugged Armour case for the OnePlus 6. Adequate protection, good looks and an innovative carbon-fiber design, this case has it all. It features a flexible TPU and air cushion technology for shock absorption. Sleek and simple, the carbon-fiber textures add to the aesthetic while keeping your phone safe, making it one of the best cases you can buy for the OnePlus 6.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list for the 10 best cases for OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6 is one of the best smartphones available on the market right now and these cases should serve their purpose well. Stay tuned for more.

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