10 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy A9 2016

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9  (10)

Recently released Samsung Galaxy A9 boasts a large 6-inch screen with 3GB RAM and 4000mAh battery. The smartphone has a 13 MP camera and is powered by an Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS, giving the phone the versatility it requires. Though powerful, the phone still feels like a cheap replica of the Samsungs premium phone like the Note 5 but this phone is targeted for the budget audience, and it might be too early to tell how it is performing. Having said that, it has started off with steady sales and the one’s who have got their hands on the new phone, we urge you to check out the 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy A9 2016.

10. Galaxy A9 Case, Sparin®(8.99$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (2)

A simple, clear TPU case that protects your from dust and dirt, helping it to remain in brand new shape a bit longer. The case is also slim and sleep, so it does not add much bulk to your phone

Available Here

9. Galaxy A9 Case, Ringke(11.99$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (7)

This case is very similar to the last one only difference being that it has precise holes for all the ports allowing you take full advantage of your phone’s functionality.

Available Here

8. Coral Turquoise Crossbody Case for Samsung Galaxy (18.49$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (9)

This flip wallet case is made from synthetic PU leather and is ideal for a variety of situations. The case has a magnetic closure and a few pockets to keep extra change or credit cards.

Available Here

7. Samsung Galaxy A9 Case by Nillkin(9.99$)


10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (10)

The case is made from hard polycarbonate plastic, so, therefore, it can resist hard impacts. The frosted texture gives it an elegant look without adding much bulk to the design.

Available Here

6. Samsung Galaxy A9 Case, Dretal(11.80$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (1)

Made from polycarbonate plastic, this case has a smooth and glossy finish. The case has precise cutouts for all the ports & buttons while it is also available in multiple colors.

Available Here

5. Samsung Galaxy A9 case by PD Air(45.99$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (4)

An elegant black leather flip case with a rotating belt hook. The case is ideal for people on the go due to its belt clip while leather construction protects your phone from dust and dirt.

Available Here

4. Samsung Galaxy A9 Case, FYY (8.99$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (6)

The best wallet case on our list. The case has an exceptionally thick PU leather covering while providing a lot of pocket space. The case comes with an additional strap and can be folded to form a kickstand.

Available Here

3. Official Frida Kahlo Viva La Vida Coyoacan Patterns Hard Back Case for Samsung Galaxy A9(15.95$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (3)

Designed by Farida Khalo, this case has amazing art that will undoubtedly boost your cell phone’s aesthetic appeal. Made from polycarbonate plastic, the case is dirt & scratch resistant while providing protecting from minor impacts as well.

Available Here

2. Samsung Galaxy A9 Case, CoverON®

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (5)

A rugged dual layered case made from a combination of inner soft TPU layer and a harder outer Polycarbonate plastic shell that provides premium protection. These cases can resist heavy impacts and even accidental falls, therefore, keeping your phone perfectly safe.

Available Here

1. Galaxy A9 Case, by OEAGO(7.99$)

10 Best Cases for Galaxy A9 (8)

A dual layered case that becomes our #1 pick. Just like is predecessor at #2  this one is also made from a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate plastic. Additionally, though the case has perfect contours that help in gripping while the kickstand at the back aid in watching movies/videos in landscape mode. Surely the best case for Galaxy A9 considering the features.

Available Here

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