10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy A3 2016


Samsung released a reboot for their popular Samsung Galaxy A3 phone in December 2015. The new model will have a bigger 4.7″ screen with an increased Pixel density; it will also boast a 13MP camera as compared to 8MP one on the predecessor whereas the RAM size remains 1.5GB, same as the last version. For lucky owners of this beautiful phone, we have compiled the list of 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy A3.

10. A3 2016 Case by LK (7.99$)


This clear case is made from soft TPU and provides rudimentary protection against dust and dirt helping you keep your phone in brand new look a little bit longer.

Available Here

9. Galaxy A3 (2016) Case, Suensan (7.90$)


This case is virtually similar to #10, only difference being that this case has precise openings so that you can access all your phone’s buttons and ports with ease.

Available Here

8. Samsung Galaxy A3 case by Tauri(7.89$)


This case features a raised lip on the edges which helps protect the screen from abrasive surfaces. As an extra feature, the manufacturer provides the clear case in multiple colors.

Available Here

7. Galaxy A3 case by, ivencase(0.99$)


Made from lightweight polycarbonate plastic this case can resist mild impacts to your phone. The case features precise openings and is available in various vibrant colors.

Available Here

6. Samsung Galaxy A3 A310 (2016) Case, Kaleidio (9.95$)


Made from elegant PU leather this flip case can be handy thanks to its pockets. You get the option of keeping extra change and various cards while the case itself is comparatively less bulky.

Available Here

5. Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) Leather Case, Yaker (9.86$)


Compared to the previous one, this case has a thicker coat of leather. Therefore, it can protect against accidental drops or other impacts. The case is available in multiple colors and features 3 pockets.

Available Here

4. For Galaxy A3 (2016) , Leathlux Cute PU Leather Magnetic (4.99$)


The best wallet case on our list. The product features adorable art which boosts the aesthetic appeal of your phone while the case has the most pocket space for any wallet case. Additionally, it has a magnetic closure for security.

Available Here

3. Galaxy A3  case by Anoke(8.88$)


Dual layered cases like this one are the most rugged in resisting any damage to your phone. This model has an inner soft TPU layer whereas a hard plastic shell on the outside. The case has a smooth matte finish which gives it a distinct look.

Available Here

2. Galaxy A3 Case, Cocomii®(9.99$)


Heavy duty rugged case that comes with a built-in kickstand so that you can watch videos/movies in landscape mode with ease. The case has inner silicone lining with a hard polycarbonate shell on the outside.

Available Here

1. Nagebee case for Galaxy A3(9.98$)


The best case overall in terms of both aesthetic appeal and protection for your phone. The case is made from thick rubber with a raised lip around the edges whereby protecting the screen from harmful surfaces. Additionally, the case is also offered with a 30-day warranty prompting us to make this our no.1 case.

Available Here

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