10 Best Cases For Oppo F1Plus

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10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (2)

Oppo F1 Plus was released in March 2016 is one of the brand’s most selling phones to date. The device has a 13MP camera along a 4GB RAM that makes it super quick in operation. The splendid phone has a bright 5.5″ screen and comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. For lucky owners, here are the 10 best cases for Oppo F1 plus that you can buy right now.

10. IWIO Oppo F1 Plus Black SuperClaw Multi-Directional Dashboard / Windscreen, Case (6.32$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (4)

This dashboard car attachment is quite versatile and is completely made from hard polycarbonate. This product is affordable yet offers complete customization to fit almost any phone size.

Available Here

9. caseroxx Cell Phone Case(15.52$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (2)

An affordable sleeve case that is made from synthetic leather. The case has a smooth and glossy texture that gives an elegant look fit for business use. The case also does a fine job in saving your phone from daily wear.

Available Here

8. fitBAG Groove Turquoise(24.90$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (7)

Almost it is pretty much the same as the previous one but thanks to knot at the top, you secure your phone more easily. The dealer claims that their product is manufactured in Germany and offers a twenty-four-month warranty.

Available Here

7. OPPO F1 Plus Case DWaybox(18.98$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (3)

The DWaybox case offers multiple windows that allow you to check or answer notifications without opening up the cover every time. Made from PU leather the case is largely durable and provides adequate protection against dust & scratches.

Available Here

6. Oppo F1 Kroo Case(16.99$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (9)

One of the most stylish looking flip cases on our list. The case is made from faux leather and offers a clip-on closure. The flamboyant case has a mix of vibrant colors on its body that gives a unique look.

Available Here

5. Kroo Dark Purple Oppo F1 Plus Case(11.99$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (8)

Another clip-on wallet case but this one has far more pocket space on offer. The versatile case is available in many designs and thanks to thick coating of fabric it protects your phone from damage due to heavy impact forces.

Available Here

4. OPPO F1 Plus by Belle Trendy(11.90$)

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The case has a distinct complete screen window with a thin see through film protecting the screen.  The case has a leather exterior and can be folded to form a kickstand for handsfree viewing.

Available Here

3. EnvyDeal Wallet case(15.99$)

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A case with a bit of bling, as it features a metallic chain from which you can carry it around. The wallet case has a magnetic closure and even has a zippered back pocket.

Available Here

2. OPPO F1 Plus Casing Artistry Cover Case (10.90$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (5)

Another case from Belle Trendy but this one has intricate art that looks absolutely tremendous. The case offers a decent amount of pocket space and like some of the best cases can be folded to form a kickstand.

Available Here

1. Artcraft(TM) L Size CP Molle Camo Bag (7.87$)

10 Best Cases for Oppo F1 plus (6)

The generic wallet case is one of the rugged of its kind. Made heavy duty nylon fabric the case has double webbing to ensure durability while the water resistant nylon gives safety. The case can also be easily attached to your belt hook or pocket thanks to back holster clips, making it easy move around without having to worry about your device.

Available Here


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