10 Best Cases For BLU Vivo 5

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (4)

BLU Vivo 5 is a budget phone released by the firm in February 2016. The phone has a 5.5″ screen, 13MP camera, and a 3GB RAM all of which can be bought for under 200$ at Amazon. Vivo has specialized in selling phones to the developing world and offers comparable specs to the high-end brands such as Apple & Samsung. For those who own this beauty, here are the 10 best cases for BLU Vivo 5 that you can buy.

10. caseroxx TPU case for BLU Vivo 5(15.48$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (2)

A simple TPU bumper that provides the most basic of protection features. The simple case is flexible and lightweight, so it adds minimum bulk to your phone in general. The case is also available in white.

Available Here

9. Cbus Wireless Matte Finish TPU Rubber Gel Case(2.99$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (6)

Almost identical to the previous product but this one has a raised bezel and thanks to the matte finish, it is much easier to grip. The case easily protects your device from obtaining scratches, therefore, helping it stay brand new.

Available Here

8. BLU Vivo 5 Adjustable Spring Wallet ID Card Holder Case Cover ONX3(4.99$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (4)

The PU leather wallet case offers a decent amount of pocket space to keep credit cards or money which adds to the overall versatility of the product. The case is kept secure by a magnetic closure.

Available Here

7. Bayke Case for Vivo 5 Blu (7.99$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (8)

Made from faux leather, this case has a clip on closure. Apart from that, the case features adorable art along with an inspiring message that might be favorable to anyone.

Available Here

6. BLU VIVO 5 Case, IVSO®(9.90$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (9)

The IVSO case has a unique window that allows you to deal with notification without opening up the case every time. Made from synthetic leather, the case has a smooth structure and can be folded to form a  kickstand for hands-free viewing.

Available Here

5. Blu VIVO 5 Case, Moze (9.99$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (10)

Made from synthetic leather, the case offers multiple pockets and even has a leather strap which makes it easier for you to carry. The case is available in 3 different colors.

Available Here

4. Urvoix(TM) Black Army Camo Bag For Mobile Phone Belt(7.99$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (7)

Made from waterproof nylon, this generic case accommodate a variety of different phones. Shaped like an army cargo bag, the product can easily be attached to your belt hook and secures your device nicely using a clip-on closure.

Available Here

3. Generic Black Hard Plastic PC Phone Case (11$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (3)

Made from polycarbonate plastic, this hard case features fantastic nature inspired art at its back. The case not only visually appealing but also offers adequate protection against dust, grime and scratches.

Available Here

2. BLU VIVO 5 Case by Jusun(9.99$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (5)

This wallet case has the highest amount of pocket space available thanks to a couple of zippered compartments. The case is made from faux leather and due to its smooth texture the case gives an executive look.

Available Here

1. Gzerma for Blu Vivo 5 Case, Aluminum Metal Bumper Frame Shell(8.59$)

10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 5 (1)

Aluminum bumper frame is the most rugged of them all. Due to its metallic structure, it can absorb high impact forces while adding minimum bulk to your phone. The glossy case is available in metallic silver as well.

Available Here


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