10 Best Cases For Lumia 950

Best Lumia 950 Case (1)

Lumia 950 from Nokia is set to be launched in November 2015. The phone will possess a powerful 20MP camera, 3GB RAM and a 5.2″ screen. As almost all Nokia Phones are operated by Windows, this model too will have the latest windows 10 OS. So check out this list of 10 best cases for Lumia 950 and let us know your favourite case in the comments section below

10. Executive Faux Leather Holster Carrying Case (LEA077) for Microsoft Lumia 950(10$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (9)

A premium Faux leather case which protects your phone from dust and scratches. The case also has a belt clip which securely fastens your phone to your belt making it easy for you to carry.
You can get one here

9. eBigValue Leather Flip case (10$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (7)

This one also similar to the last one in terms of build material but has better pocket space. Overall 9 and 10 provide the same level of protection.
You can get one here

8. Lumia 950 Case, Zeeeda®(9$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (1)

A wallet case made from synthetic leather. The case has a thick covering of leather thus protecting your phone from mild impacts, the case also has a magnetic closure which securely encloses your phone.
You can get one here

7. Lumia 950 Case, Linkertech(10$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (10)

Yet another wallet case on our list. The case is specifically designed for Nokia Lumia 950  so it fits perfectly and offers access to all the ports easily. The manufacturer also offers many designs and colours to match your taste.
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6. Loop [CEL964] case For Microsoft Lumia 950 by eBigValue(18$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (5)

Another wallet case from eBigValue makes our list, this is because the manufacturer has a huge variety of cases for nearly every phone from every brand. This case has a unique design and has a clip for closing the case along with a belt holster.
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5. Black Wallet Holster Textured Leather Case [CEL329] For Microsoft Lumia 950(22$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (2)

The most spacious case offered by eBigValue. This cover provides excellent protection against dust and dirt, therefore helping you maintain that brand-new shine on your phone.
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4. Microsoft Lumia 950 case by EnvyDeal(15.50$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (8)

One of the most aesthetically pleasing cases on our list. The case has a long strap and ample space to keep your stuff.
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3. TUDIA Ultra Slim Full-Matte ARCH TPU Bumper Protective Case for Microsoft Lumia 950(8$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (6)

A versatile TPU case. TPU cases are generally soft and flexible making them ideal to resist dirt and medium level impacts. TPU cases just like this one are usually cheaper than wallet cases.
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2. Lumia 950 2015 Phone Case – MoKo(5$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (3)

A dual layered case made from soft silicone and hard polycarbonate plastic. The interior is lined with a soft material whereas the hard polycarbonate is on the exterior protecting against massive impacts.
You can get one here

1. Lumia 950 Case, OEAGO (8$)

Best Lumia 950 Case (4)

Dual Layered cases are also the most durable and rugged, as they can protect your phone from almost anything. As compared to the previous dual layered case this one also features a kickstand making it easier for you to watch videos in landscape mode.
You can get one here


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    Thus the reviews of some of the best Lumia 950 cases provided in this write-up will help you to buy a suitable one for you.

  2. Roy Ramos Reply

    Why is there not an OtterBox kind of case for the best Windows phone ever.

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