10 Best Cases For LG Nexus 5X

Best Nexus 5x Case (8)

Announced in September 2015, the Phone is set for launch in October 2015. Google hopes to stamp its authority with its Nexus phone made in collaboration with LG. A sister phone by the name of Nexus 6P will also be launched later this year, and that is made with the help of Huawei. Nexus 5X, however, will feature the latest Android 6.0 OS, making it one of the first phones to do so.  The smartphone will also have 2GB RAM and a 12MP camera. So check out this list of 10 best cases for LG Nexus 5X and let us know your favourite case in the comments section below

10. Orzly® – FlexiCase for LG NEXUS 5X(5$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (6)

A TPU case that is both flexible and lightweight. TPU cases are excellent for protection against scratches and dirt.
You can get one here

9. Nexus 5X Case by Hotcool(6$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (9)

Previous TPU case was clear this one is opaque. Additionally, this case is precisely designed for Nexus 5X, so it offers easy access to all of the phone’s features.
You can get one here

8. Nexus 5X Case, Verus(17$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (10)

A durable dual layered case with matte finishing giving it an elegant look. The case features a raised TPU lip on the edges which protects the screen.
You can get one here

7. Nexus 5X Case, Cimo(7$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (5)

TPU is the material of choice for most cases because it is durable, lightweight and cheap. This case is also made from TPU material in a super slim and perfect fit design. This cover also features a raised lip around the edges.
You can get one here

6. LG Nexus 5X by Invencase (4$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (4)

This case is present on our list because of its majestic art. The design on the back of this case is its unique feature.  Like many other cases on this list, this case is as well made from TPU material.
You can get one here

5. LG Nexus 5X Case by Cruzerlite(10$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (3)

A TPU case with a distinctive design. The Android inspired art gives this case an aesthetic edge, multiple colors to choose from is also a plus.
You can get one here

4. Nexus 5X Case, DGtle(8.50$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (7)

A dual layered case made from TPU inner lining and hard polycarbonate outer lining. Dual layered cases are very rugged and offer the best protection from heavy impacts.
You can get one here

3.Nexus 5X Case, LK Armor Holster Defender(10$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (2)

This case has a rotating belt clip holster and built-in kickstand. Made from a combination of TPU material and polycarbonate this case is one of the most durable, additionally it comes from a reputed manufacturer.
You can get one here

2. Nexus 5X Case, By IPEGTOP(8$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (1)

Another dual layered case that features a futuristic design. The case is offered in many colors to match better your taste. It offers a removable belt clip and a kickstand for hands-free viewing videos/movies.
You can get one here

1. Nexus 5X Case LK [Shield Armor] Dual Layer Hard PC Cover + Silicone Case(10$)

Best Nexus 5x Case (8)

We mentioned LK on No.3 and now No.1. LK is a very good manufacturer of phone cases and has a good variety. This case is also dual-layered, so you know it will give complete protection Furthermore it has a raised lip to protect the screen from corrosive surfaces as well.
You can get one here

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