Don’t Move is A New Gadget That Keeps Track of People Messing With Your Things


Nobody likes it when people use your stuff without permission or in your absence. That is exactly why this gadget by the name of ‘Don’t Move’ was created. The gadget is basically a small device that can be termed as an electronic version of the ‘Do Not Touch’ sticker with the difference that it can tell about people who ignore the cautionary message.Don't Move is A Gadget That Keeps Track of People Messing Your Stuff2

Every Don’t Move package comes with an accelerometer, flash drive, Bluetooth low-energy transmitter and a battery that will suffice for one year’s use. The gadget can be affixed to items thanks to the flat side which has a reusable adhesive coating or one could even set it down on the non-sticky curved side.Don't Move is A Gadget That Keeps Track of People Messing Your Stuff3

If anyone tries to take or use the object that has been tagged, the device detects the attempt via the accelerometer and sends a Bluetooth alert to the iOS/Android app on the owner’s smartphone. The app can monitor more than one module at a time and the gadget also enables the user to set the sensitivity. So if the object is in a place that is subjected to vibrations, the user can set the sensitivity to low to reduce false alarms.
Owing to the low range of Bluetooth, the device can’t manage real-time alerts from long distance, however, it does store keep a record of movements on the flash storage and sends the update to user once user is in Bluetooth’s range.Don't Move is A Gadget That Keeps Track of People Messing Your Stuff4

Don’t Move is raising funds on Indiegogo as of now and a pledge of $24 will warrant you one unit. That is to when and if they are ready to go. The retail price is $39 once it is commercially available.


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