Zee.Aero Compact Flying Car


Flying cars are becoming more and more practical with the progression of time, with different firms and even individuals leaving their mark to create the ride of the future. One design that stands out among the others is the Zee.Aero.

With eight vertically oriented propellers and two horizontal propellers, the Zee.Aero takes on a slightly more helicopter approach to get airborne. Created by NASA aerospace engineer and professor Ilan Kroo, the Zee.Aero is designed so that its overall size is the same as that of a road going car. The only difference is that the Zee.Aero has the ability to fly.

The eight vertical propellers will be battery powered and will generate lift for the vehicle, while the two horizontal propellers will create thrust. The designing of the Zee.Aero appears to be complete, but there are no hints about the specifications of the vehicles available. The website for the Zee.Aero has posted various positions for engineers and technicians available, meaning the company is serious about this idea.

A recent picture has been published by the San Francisco Gate, showing a large model version of the Zee.Aero standing on pavement. It can be presumed that the model is being used for flight tests, but the design is still years away from a complete and fully functional prototype version. The Zee.Aero is a very possible future for the flying car and may even be available for sale in the years to come. Till then, lets keep our fingers crosssed.

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