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ZappLight Bulb Can Transform Any Bulb Into A Mean Bug Killing Machine

Zika virus has brought the mosquitoes into the limelight and they are once again a feared creature. Although there are insect-zapping lights available, not many wish to invest into such gadgets. That is why ZappLight has been created. This is an ingenious gadget; an LED light bulb that can be fixed into a conventional socket and kills mosquitoes.

The bulb is open-sided and is capable of providing 920 lumens of neutral white-toned light for conventional illumination while also featuring a blue UV light for enticing insects. The electrified grid then comes into play and zaps them once they get close enough. Users have the control of either switching on the blue light or white light or both at once.

The LEDs consume 9 watts while the zapping grid uses 1 extra watt. A single bulb is claimed to be good enough for attracting mosquitoes in an area of 500 sq.ft while an LED is said to last for over 50,000 hours of use. The zapping mechanism of the gadget is claimed to be kids-safe.

The gadget, ZappLight, is available now with a price tag of $20 for a single bulb and you can check it out in the video below.

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