Zackees Gloves Promise To Make Turns Safer for Cyclists

Zackees Gloves

Zackees Gloves 5We all get infuriated beyond reason when someone turns without giving the indicators on road. Cyclists usually employ tail lights and head lights in order for their ride to be visible at night, however, they usually make use of arm movement to let other drivers know which way they’re going to turn. Zach Vorhies, former Google software engineer, decided to change the conventional method and came up with Zackees illuminated turn signal gloves. This will allow for drivers to be made aware of cyclists’ intent on where to turn.

Zackees Gloves 4These gloves are not just stylish but useful as well. They come with an array of LEDs which are part of the glove’s back and require two coin cell batteries for powering up. These batteries are present onboard and the LEDs light up to take the form of a blinking directional arrow. The activation requires that the two metal contacts, one on glove’s thumb and other on index finger to be joined together. Since the contacts are on the inside of thumb and index finger, making the arrow light up isn’t that hard a task.

Zackees Gloves 2The idea is for the user to extend his/her arm out and make sure that the metal contacts are in contact and the glove’s LEDs will start blinking intimating the drivers that the cyclist intends to take the turn. These LEDs and all the electronics are covered with a waterproof polymer which enables the gloves to be washed. If contacts do join during the washing or other than washing, the LEDs will switch themselves off automatically after staying on for some time. When the blinking becomes faster and somewhat dimmer then it’s time to change batteries. Although the battery life depends upon the usage of the glove but it is being said that batteries could run for 3-6 months before they need a swap.

Zackees Gloves 3The glove can be used for signaling oncoming cars as well but we fear that might become too stressful for the cyclist and he/she might just opt for extending her arm and making the turn. Zach is busy in raising funds for his gadget and has a partner in crime as well; Murat Ozkan. A pledge of $69 will get you a pair of these smart gloves.

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