YouTuber Turns His Toilet Into A Gaming PC

The thought of being entertained while you are on the toilet is one that has crossed many minds. YouTuber Basically Homeless had this desire and put his thoughts into action by turning his toilet into a gaming console.

The first part of this process required him to cut into an extra-large toilet tank which he had to special order. What for? For proper airflow and visuals of course.

He decided to make half his toilet the parts that you need to flush and the other half the gaming PC. He had to be very careful when building these parts not to leave any leaks as we all know what water does to electronics.

He then glued a fan to help with drying the parts on the top of the tank. Lucky for the innovative YouTuber the fan fit perfectly.

What did he do next? How many steps were required to build a toilet gaming PC? How did he avoid any potential leaks when flushing? How well do the games play? This video answers and demonstrates explanations for all these questions while showing you the entire process of building such a device from start to finish.

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