Youtuber Shows Why Shooting A Gun With A Bent Barrel Is A Real Bad Idea

The Youtuber has gone through this possibly life-taking experiment, so you find out what happens without needing to attempt it, given that we all are pretty well aware of the involved risks.

Guns are scary, and we all know this as a fact. But amazingly, this Youtuber finds himself courageous enough to shoot it while pointing at himself. This is one extreme, as these different sized machines are scary objects even when not pointing at someone, just lying at the corner of a room.

Guns terrify us even when we are not at the receiving end of it. It frightens us of someone else’s death caused by it, just merely by a pull of a trigger. Putting an end to someone’s life just like that. When some Youtuber attempts a risky experiment with guns or other such things, it causes the same feeling for us.

The Youtube channel DemolitianRanch had to find out what happens when an F1 AR gun’s barrel gets bent backward and fires. The guy heated the gun’s barrel’s strong metal and found himself successful in this first step.

The gun ready to shoot backward is pointed at the shooter himself. He said, “You can see it will not be ideal for actually firing. What I am going to do is a small experiment today. I want to find out: is this possible? Will a bullet travel down this barrel, make that turn, and come back the total opposite direction?”

Demolition Ranch said that he knows a safe way to conduct this experiment while making it worth a watch. It is fun watching this video about what happens when he fires the gun with the bent barrel, and not knowing his safe technique will build up the curiosity in you more. Watching the video below will let you know his rare and amazingly safe technique. “Shooting a gun at yourself, and that too safely without causing any harm.”

We won’t tell you the crazy ending just here. Watch the video below to find out what happens when the trigger is pulled.

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