YouTuber MrBeast Is Suing His Own Ghost Kitchen For Serving “Revolting” Burger

Popular YouTube personality, MrBeast, is embroiled in a legal battle with Virtual Dining Concepts, the company behind his branded fast food line, MrBeast Burger.

James Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, claims that Virtual Dining Concepts prioritized expanding the MrBeast food line over maintaining quality control. This led to consistently bad food being delivered to customers, resulting in negative reviews and complaints about the unappetizing and inedible nature of the meals. The lawsuit, reported by Bloomberg, describes how the MrBeast Burger brand became synonymous with low-quality products that were often late in delivery, arrived in unbranded packaging, and sometimes lacked the ordered items.

The legal action further alleges that Donaldson and his team raised concerns about the food’s quality, but Virtual Dining Concepts failed to address these issues. Consequently, MrBeast Burger’s association with poor-quality food has tarnished the MrBeast brand.

Since 2020, MrBeast has leveraged his online fame to promote his fast-food line. The grand opening of a Beast Burger restaurant in New Jersey attracted a massive crowd of 10,000 eager customers hoping to taste the YouTuber’s creations. At its peak, the MrBeast Burger brand had 1,700 restaurants nationwide fulfilling orders.

Donaldson seeks the right to terminate the business partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts. However, the company denies the allegations, stating that the lawsuit contains false statements and inaccuracies. Virtual Dining Concepts accuses MrBeast of attempting to negotiate a new deal to serve his financial interests, and the company believes that the lawsuit is a tactic to undermine the MrBeast Burger brand and terminate the existing contract without valid cause.

Despite the legal dispute, MrBeast Burger continues to operate as usual. Virtual Dining Concepts assures customers that they can still try the controversial sandwiches.

In addition to his fast-food venture, MrBeast has expanded his fame into a marketing channel for various other products, including branded basketballs, hoodies, cookies, and chocolate bars under the name Feastables.

The rise of ghost kitchens during the pandemic allowed businesses to thrive, but this trend has faced challenges. Uber Eats, for instance, removed numerous virtual restaurants and implemented stricter rules to combat spam.

Despite these hurdles, the virtual restaurant industry remains attractive to businesses, with even TikTok experimenting with online-only restaurants operating out of existing establishments, such as local Chuck E. Cheese locations.

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