YouTuber Mr. Beast Helped Cure Blindness In 1000 People Around The World – Here Is How He Did It

Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a popular YouTuber known for his philanthropic stunts and challenges. In one of his latest videos, he announced that he had “cured” 1,000 people’s blindness. The statement received a lot of attention from both his fans and the general public, who were eager to know more about this incredible feat.

In reality, Mr. Beast did not cure anyone’s blindness; instead, he provided funding for 1,000 cataract surgeries. Cataracts are a common cause of blindness and can be easily removed through surgery. By providing funding for these surgeries, Mr. Beast gave people the gift of sight.

The illness is most commonly found in older people, but it can also affect children and neonates. Cataracts afflict approximately half of all Americans by the age of 75, according to the American Academy of Opthalmology, and are seen in over 24.4 million people over the age of 40.

The surgeries were performed by Dr. Jeffery Levenson of the Seva Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting avoidable blindness, based in Jacksonville, Florida has been running a charity to offer surgeries for free for the past 20 years. The Seva Foundation works in several countries. The organization’s mission is to provide access to eye care to people in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

Mr. Beast’s involvement with the Seva Foundation is not new; he has been involved with the organization for many years. In addition to funding cataract surgeries, Mr. Beast has also supported other initiatives aimed at combating avoidable blindness, such as providing treatment for children with eye infections and distributing glasses to those in need.

The video of Mr. Beast’s announcement received a lot of attention and praise from his fans and the public. Many praised Mr. Beast for his philanthropic efforts and for using his platform to bring attention to the issue of avoidable blindness. The video has received over 20 million views on YouTube and has been shared widely on social media.

In conclusion, Mr. Beast did not cure anyone’s blindness, but he did provide funding for 1,000 cataract surgeries, which gave people the gift of sight. The Seva Foundation is dedicated to fighting avoidable blindness and working to provide access to eye care for people in need. Mr. Beast’s philanthropic efforts have brought attention to the issue of avoidable blindness and inspired others to get involved in the fight against it.

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