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Youtuber Gives A Genius New Idea For Plane Boarding That Is Much More Efficient

Frequent flyers understand the painfully slow process of boarding. Everyone wonders if there is a better way to board the plane; a way that helps everyone board as quickly as is possible without wasting valuable time. As it happens, there are many methods that are far more effective as opposed to the ones that are employed by most airlines. But which method of boarding the plane it the most efficient one? Which method is, to put it simply, the best? And why is that if such a method exists; it is not being used?

A YouTube user, CPG Grey, has illustrated in a video that runs through the basics that such a feat is impossible. If you want to minimize the time that boarders have to stand idle while boarding the plane, you would have to position everyone in a manner that the maximum number of people are placing their bags in the overhead bins at the same time. So, what is so problematic about such an approach for boarding the plane? The problem is that in order to achieve this you will have to make sure that everyone lines up in exact order; one-person boarding groups if you will.

Quite clearly, this approach for boarding the plane is simply unrealistic unless you are dealing with robots that have been preprogrammed. But surely there must be a better approach to boarding the plane as opposed to the one being used currently by airlines? A simplified version requires the travelers to board the plan by alternating rows on alternating sides. Let’s see when and if an airline actually tries something similar to cut down the boarding time considerably.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this amazing illustration by CPG Grey. You are also welcome to give suggestions on how to improve the boarding time for a flight.