This Amazing New Hydrofoil Board Is About To Go On Sale – And It Uses A Flight Computer For On-Water Stability

If you are someone that is driven by a passion for water sports, this new updated technology of electric hydrofoil board is for you. There are more models of the equipment being introduced every now and then. This makes the board more desirable and convenient for the users, providing them with the best adventurous experience they can get.

The new board is called the Level Board that is designed for people who are at the beginner level of doing these sports. The board allows the user to have a safe yet rewarding experience. The features comprising this new model of Level Board are using aerospace-grade sensors and a flight computer so it may remain stable across the water.

Besides this, there have been other companies making models for such boarding experiences as well. This includes Fliteboard which gained popularity pretty early in the industry. This year, the company launched the second generation of its board equipment. This also had a model which was inflatable. This feature enhanced its stability. HydroFlyer is another board that gives more options for developing contact with the board while in water.

Level boarding can be a group activity

The model of Level Board offers a single-mast hydrofoil with a subsurface wing that lifts the board up out of the water as it enhances the speed. However, at the same time, it takes its cues from inbuilt aerospace-grade sensors that are responsible for collecting data on the orientation of the board and detect any deviations from a leveled flight.

This data collected is read by a flight computer transferred to the drivetrain and rudder to make the necessary corrections to keep the board on an even plane. However, there is an option to stop the computer altogether if the person riding is an expert and knows what they are doing.

The Level Board is a single-mast hydrofoil with a subsurface wing that lifts the board up out of the water as it picks up speed

Among the salient features, the hands-free navigation stands tall that allows the board to move in accordance with the body movements. Another feature is that a virtual safety leash that stops the machine when the rider falls.

It will have two size options; a two-meter (6.5-ft) Level Plane and the longer 2.1-meter (6.9-ft) Level Extend, which offers a higher payload capacity of up to 120 kg (264 lb) and a slightly longer ride time per charge of two hours, compared to one and a half.

The price will be set around “roughly” US$12,000.

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