Youtuber Explains Why Feather And A Coin Dropped In Vacuum Fall At The Same Time

Galileo’s ‘falling bodies’ experiment is quite famous and the most well known in physics. He dropped the objects from the famous leaning tower of Pisa.

In the experiment, Galileo attempted to demonstrate a body’s falling rates and how it is independent of its mass.

The famous experiment was re-created at the end of the Apollo 15 moonwalk when commander David Scott dropped a hammer and a feather simultaneously on the lunar surface.

The experiment ended with the results of both objects hitting the surface simultaneously, regardless of their mass or weight.

The Action Lab on Youtube demonstrates the same principle with a vacuum chamber’s help by dropping in a feather and a coin.

The video is full of knowledge and in-depth concepts relating to the atmosphere, with and without the presence of gravity. The video also enlightens on inertia and all that you need to know about it.

Watch it to learn more about gravity and vacuum spaces and how objects fall regardless of their mass.

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