YouTuber Creates Sand Machine That Erases All That It Creates

The machine known as Sisyphus is an amazing build and mesmerizing to watch.

Youtube channel RCLifeOn develops an amazing machine known as Sisyphus. The amazing part of this sand plotting device is that it erases all of its created patterns once finished creating them. The name of this amazing device comes from the Greek Myth of the king of Ephyra, who was known to be punished by the Greek God Zeus.

The King of Ephyra was made to a huge boulder up a hill that felt back all over again, forcing him to push the boulder for all that he lived.

The process for developing this machine was not an easy task. The guy began to build it with a magnet under the circle-shaped base. The magnet is for moving the silver marble when placed in the sand.

RCLifeOn Youtube channel looked at this machine as a more complicated 3D printer. The 3D printer behind it maneuvers the magnet around and controls the marble to create various sand patterns.

The guy pretty much struggled with the sand and had to try different sand types, where only the finest and thinnest form of it would work with the marble piece. The Youtube channel RCLifeOn installed some pretty amazing LED lights that uplift his created Sisyphus machine with all sorts of incredible colors.

The video below is an example of things that could be achieved if one never stops trying. RCLifeOn wasn’t sure of himself at one point and said that he questions his choices in life a lot. But amazingly, he was successful in making his built machine work pretty well.

The video progresses as a DIY, which makes it worth a watch. It can enable you to develop this complicated machine for yourself; happy learning!

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