YouTuber Creates An Insane Auto-Aiming Bow That Never Misses Its Target

Based in North Carolina, Shane Wighton is an engineer who has been making stuff for building fanatics on his YouTube channel, Stuff Made Here. Some of his work includes hard steel crocs, a powerful lock, and a hair cutting machine. In addition, he has also demonstrated a moving basketball hoop that ensures that you never miss.

Now his latest invention is a petrifying bow that aims itself and never misses. A bow that can aim and fire at stationary as well as moving targets.


It’s indeed a remarkable invention and also indicates what technology is capable of. He has spent multiple weeks making this piece of equipment that only releases the arrow when the bow is aligned with the target. The bow is so cleverly designed that Wighton doesn’t even have to look at the target; he demonstrates with an apple perched on top of a Styrofoam apple to hit a bullseye.

It is not the first time Wighton has caught us by surprise through his spectacular inventions. His work is no less than art. Think about that chilling robot arm contraption with an actual chainsaw attached to the end. He made it as well!  

Weighton’s current invention is a reworked bow that allows him to pull back the string and let the bow contraption tied to his torso handle the rest. Trackable sensors and code ensure an automatic positioning system points at the target. When the bow is aligned perfectly, the string gets out.

The results are amazing. The arrows are able to hit flying targets, as Wighton shows in his basement. It’s so on point that it has the ability to hit a Lego “apple” placed on top of a gullible Lego man’s head.

“Being good at stuff is so 20th century,” Wighton says in his video.   

Other than Weighton’s brilliance, there are various factors involved in the success of his invention. For instance, the super-powerful cameras and the Fuse 1 3D printer used for 90 percent of the builds were useful in the process. Wighton deserves applause for spending multiple hours improving his software ND and making this idea a reality.

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