Youtuber Cooks A Raw Chicken Using A Slapping Robot

Have you ever thought of how hard of a slap does a chicken requires to cook?

The question was first asked on Reddit as ‘If Kinetic energy is changed to thermal energy on the impact, how hard do you need to slap a chicken to cook it?’

With numerous points and tons of comments under the question, Redditors worked hard to answer the question and came up with multiple solutions. Many of the YouTubers participated and came up with their solutions after doing the required maths.

It has been two years since the question was first asked, and finally, now, a Youtuber came up with a full and final solution to it.

To find out how many slaps a chicken requires before it gets cooked, he created a chicken slapper. Once done measuring chickens at his local market, he built a place to keep the chicken contained during the experiment.

He does a great job explaining the logic behind his created machine and if it is possible to get the chicken to a point where it starts getting warm.

The video below will surely serve your curiosity as it easily answers the two years old famous unsolved question of the internet.

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