Youtuber Converts Toy Toyota Crown Into A Remote-Controlled Car

As a kid, we all wished to have our tiny little Hotwheels turned into remote-controlled ones, but back then, and even now, most of us lack such expertise. However, the Youtuber ‘Diorama111’ went through a long and complicated process of altering a tiny Toyota Crown toy car and fulfilled our longheld childhood dream, at least we can see it happening now.

The guy dismantles Toyota Crown into three main pieces and alters each of them: the wheels, the body, and the shell. However, the outer shell is separated and placed back as it is to cover the body at the end. 

During the process, he breaks down the wheels and separates them from the joining bar. He turns the wheels thinner and covers them with an additional rubber layer after boring a hole in the wheels with a little electric drill.

Watching him work with all the miniature tools demonstrates higher levels of patience, and it’s not possible not to be amazed when he shows us some artful engineering! It might sound easy and straightforward, but it uses the proper equipment and some outstanding skills to complete this project as imagined. He uses a small lithium rechargeable battery, just the size of a regular shirt’s button, which produces a 3.7 voltage. Not only this, but the infra-red remote control is also built by the guy as he writes a whole lot of programs to make it function.

The program of the microcontroller (ATiny1616) is coded on a development platform which he urges that you will need an updated version of it, or else it won’t be compatible with the device.

In the end, the mini car is seen moving slow, and we finally can witness a Hotwheels kind of small toy car controlled with a remote.

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