YouTuber Builds Bicycle With Two Half Wheels – And It Works Just Like A Normal One

No matter how far we may go in terms of automation, some technologies cannot be replaced despite new functionalities. A similar phenomenon occurred when a Youtuber demonstrated “how to build a bicycle with two half wheels” on his YouTube channel named “The Q”. It left the people astonished at how incredibly well the bicycle worked regardless of its peculiarities. The video is depicted below, in which you can see that the Youtuber has cut the wheel in two halves and then integrated these two halves into the place of the rear wheel. We can see that the bicycle works normally and he is even taking a ride in the video, which makes us believe even more strongly in its practicality.

As per his Youtube channel, he is an engineer named “Sergii Gordieiev” who constantly tries new techniques and methods and works on new things. He unleashed his creativity by bringing out this entirely new concept, which would prove a stepping stone for the industry manufacturing bicycles and would provide them with a point of differentiation to compete in the market.

Let’s look at the mechanism behind this incredible structural interface. The Youtuber started the process by taking a simple wheel, and he then cut it into two halves. It should be noted that the metal of the wheel was being cut instead of just the rubber, and as soon as the wheel became split into two halves, the two parts were furnished with the rubber. However, there is a strong possibility that this video might instill an interest in doing the same thing at home, but you must remember that this is a DIY video, and it’s not that easy to perform this process at home because it involves a lot of hardware parts and machines for cutting the wheel, which can’t be effectively done at home.

You can see that the video description says, “This is how regular math looks: 0.5+0.5=1, so, in bikematics, it should work as well.” Watching this video feels so satisfying because it’s a unique idea and the balancing, along with the momentum, are all just so perfectly done by Sergii Gordieiev. Hence, we can say that it’s one of the engineering marvels.

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