YouTuber Builds A Transparent Jet Engine So You Can See How It Works

The engine is the heart and soul of an aircraft and is the primary source of providing thrust. Recently, a YouTuber performed a compelling experiment on his YouTube channel named “Warped Perception,” in which he incredibly assembled a transparent jet engine to demonstrate to the viewers how a jet engine actually works. To optimize the conceptual understanding of the working of a jet engine, the Youtuber came up with the most interesting video of the bunch. Have a look at the video embedded below to get more insights:

In the video, you will see that the Youtuber has also depicted the whole process in slow motion to make us understand and visualize the process even better. He said in the video, “I use jet engines like this in most of my projects, mostly because I like extreme. And jet engines are pretty extreme! ” He further stated, “I figured it would only be appropriate to show everyone what’s going on inside of a jet engine.”   In the beginning, there was some problem with the starting of the engine because it was “0.005 grams out of balance,” but finally he got rid of the error with his tenacious abilities.

That may seem a negligible error, but when it comes to the technicalities of an aircraft, 100% precision is required and that’s what the Youtuber aimed to achieve. At last, the engine balanced at 0.001 grams when he claimed, “That’s good enough for me.” Furthermore, he went on to explain the “Brayton cycle,” which is the most important aspect of the engine. He stated, “A Brayton cycle is simply compression, combustion, and expansion at equal volume.”

Coupled with this, we can see in the video how the engine lights up in the middle and ejects blue flames through its tail, depicting that it is ready to fly by providing the aircraft with enough thrust, which is greater than its weight. He put the engine on the table, which remained stuck to it during the whole process. He said, “It feels strong. And it needs to be able to handle all that compression, heat, and power. “

The video is undoubtedly fascinating for all the enthusiasts, but it is advisable not to try this experiment at home because you might not be professional in carrying out the tasks which seem easy to you in the video. You can hurt yourself and others because the engine contains flame and some complex mechanisms.

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