YouTube Inventor Creates A DIY NERF Blaster That Can Break The Sound Barrier

Nerf gun

If you are a 90s kid, there is a good chance that you have played with a NERF blaster. They still make those, and you should probably get one, but don’t do what the YouTube inventor Giaco Whatever did to his. Giaco just created the fastest NERF dart that breaks the sound barrier.

The YouTuber released a video on his channel showing the dart traveling “2.3 times the speed of sound at standard conditions.” Watch the video below:

It is a toy gun, made of foam, but absolutely lethal and Giaco put quite a lot of effort to it. He even released a video of the construction process that made use of an oxygen tank and a Red Bull can. You can watch that video below, but really, don’t try this at home. He tried his prototype on things ranging from cans, apples, to ballistic gel. If you do not think foam can injure you, you should probably remember a friend of him who got a shot from 1.5 meters away and at one-fourth power. And yep! That one left a mark too.


He calculated the speed of the NERF dart to be 800 meters per second, which would be Mach 1. But, he is not planning to stop at just breaking the sound barrier. “I’m planning to make a version two of this cannon. I have a couple of ideas to make it even faster,” said Giaco.

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