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YouTube Duo Builds See-Through LCD Computer Screen Like It’s the Year 3020

Youtube Dua Builds see through computer screen that seems from 3020

Guys from a YouTube channel created a DIY transparent computer screen and showed the process on their channel- turning Sci-Fi fantasy into reality.

The pair created this screen by taking apart a computer monitor by disassembling the LED/LCD parts from the remaining monitor structure.

Placing the screen into a frame was a definite challenge for the engineering pair. The LED display comprises complete white light that goes through a liquid crystal-like screen display and adds color to the images.

Except for the electronic components inside, the frame, for the most part, was disposable. Evan randomly dismantled the frame with the help of a flat end screwdriver.

Their excitement knew no bounds at the possibilities that this invention would create for various recreational purposes. Like watching a romantic movie face to face, or playing a video game and maintaining eye contact with the other player

The pair placed the screen face-down to get rid of all of the screens joining the LCD from the power assembly. To release the LCD screen, the partners had to disconnect cables and frames to detach the assembly’s remaining. After unfastening all the hardware, the LCD panel and screen came easily loose. Obviously, the duo decided to turn off the screen for the extracted LCD panel’s riskiest part.

At first, the screen wasn’t extremely transparent — mainly due to a polarizing filter. But it still turned on! The team used damp paper towels for almost an hour to loosen what they said was an ‘anti-glare’ film from the screen, which came off easily.

To keep the fragile LCD screen from any damage, the pair “jammed” it between protective sheets. Then a “build montage” resulted, displaying the construction of a wooden frame tailor-made to hold the delicate screen up.

After installing the electronics into the wooden frame base, they gave power and tested the project’s see-through claims.

Evan bends behind the screen as Katelyn worked through various creative new looks for the man. They also managed to add a digital e-girl upgrade. She also placed spider tattoos on his face. But the most amazing is the recap to the advanced heights of the handlebar mustache.

Although see-through screens aren’t exactly recently developed, they’ve only now started to pop up in major companies’ product lines, like Samsung, LG, and Pro display (but Samsung has suspended its line).

The most important developments in transparent screens are in augmented reality. Facebook’s Project Aria — augmented glasses that can oust smartphones — collaborate with the UK manufacturer Plessy to design and adapt microLED displays for various reality performance.

Facebook’s upcoming augmented reality glasses may add novel features — such as intensifying dim background noises or silencing unwanted noise to concentrate on one speaker.

Eventually, only experienced engineers should attempt at dismantling electrical equipment such as computer monitors. While the YouTube pair managed to develop their dream see-through screen, it’s highly unlikely something of the type will be seen on electronics store shelves (or online) for many years to come.

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