Your Kids Will Never Want To Leave This Children Hospital In New York


The New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital has taken steps to help its young patients cope with the fear of hospitals. Since going to the hospital is an intimidating experience for kids and even adults, the children’s hospital decided to make the environment less stressful and more relaxing by using themes across the building that would keep children distracted from the fact that they were visiting a hospital.

The hospital replaced their current machine with one that gave smaller doses of radiation


The didn’t just stop there


The machine and the entire room was renovated to make it child friendly

pirate-scan7 pirate-scan6

With pirates that are more cute than adorable to allow the children to smile during the procedure

pirate-scan5 pirate-scan4

This room can even reduce the anxiety that adults experience when visiting the doctor

pirate-scan3 pirate-scan2

Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital-1

Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital-2

Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital-3

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